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  • Windows 10 Help for MapGuide Users


    MapGuide is supported in Windows 10.  Internet Explorer is included in Windows 10 and you still need to use Internet Explorer for MapGuide rather than Microsoft's new web browser called "Edge".
    Microsoft made the Internet Explorer web browser hard to find in Windows 10 because they want users to use their Edge browser.  Edge has a plain blue "e" icon which makes it look like it's Internet Explorer's replacement.   When you find Internet Explorer, you'll see it has the familiar blue "e" icon with a gold ring around it, just as it looked like in older versions of Windows.

    Finding Internet Explorer in Windows 10

    To find Internet Explorer in Windows 10, click the Windows icon in the lower left to display the Start menu.  Then type "internet" (without quotes) to see Internet Explorer in the search results.  We recommend right-clicking on the Internet Explorer search result.  Then pick "Pin to taskbar" so you'll have easy access to Internet Explorer along with Edge and other programs on your taskbar.  You may also want to pick "Pin to Start" to save Internet Explorer on the Start menu.

    In rare cases, search may not find Internet Explorer because it's not "turned on".  For a more detailed explanation of finding Internet Explorer in Windows 10 and turning it on if it's not found, see How to Install Internet Explorer On Windows 10.

    Making Internet Explorer work for MapGuide

    Windows 10 uses Internet Explorer version 11 just like in Windows 7 and Windows 8.  Internet Explorer needs adjustments to make MapGuide work with Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10, as you had to do with Internet Explorer 11 before Windows 10.   See Getting Internet Explorer 11 to work with MapGuide for instructions.

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