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  • Sample Site Development Document Search Values

    These sample search values can be used to display examples of documents. The samples can be helpful to know what appropriate search values look like and to see what a document might be like when you don't know what to search for. Do not enter any dashes in DS-ProjNum fields.

    When searching, remember that "Less is more". That is, entering a partial name generally returns more to choose from than trying to search for the complete full name. In other words, if you don't see what you want, enter less.

    Subdivision Plats

    • SubBookNum: 3, SubPageNum: 71
    • DS-BookPage: 03071
    • Sequence_No (with Book/Page):
    • Sequence_No (w/o Book/Page):
    • PlanName (leading partial): Oracle Foothills
    • PlanName (trailing partial): *Foothills Estates
    • DS-ProjNum: P1201002

    Landscape and Native Plant Plans

      Landscape Plans

      • PlanName (leading partial): estate
      • PlanName (trailing partial): *estate
      • DS-ProjNum: P1298164

      Native Plant Preservation Plans

      • PlanName (leading partial): River
      • PlanName (trailing partial): *village
      • PlanName: Rancho Valencia II
      • DS-ProjNum: P1205077
      • DS-ProjNum: CO1279027B

    Tentative Plats

    • PlanName (leading partial): Ventana
    • PlanName (leading partial): Canoa Resort
    • DS-ProjNum: P1201169
    • DS-ProjNum: P1212044

    Addressing Building Plans

    • DS-Book: 6, DS-Page: 56
    • PlanName (trailing partial): *hill

    Development Permits

      Development Concept Permits

      • PlanName (leading partial): Dismas
      • DS-ProjNum: P13DC00001

      Site Construction Permits

      • PlanName (leading partial): Rancho Valencia
      • DS-ProjNum: P13SI00007

      Building/Site Construction Permits

      • PlanName (partial): Sierra Bravo
      • DS-ProjNum: P13BS00004

      Development Plans - Incorporated Areas

      • DS-Book: 36, DS-Page: 61
      • DS-BookPage: 36061
      • PlanName (partial): Rancho Vistoso
      • DS-ProjNum: D060036

      Development Plans - Historical

      • DS-Book: 37, DS-Page: 52
      • DS-BookPage: 37052
      • PlanName (leading partial): Catalina Commercial
      • DS-ProjNum: P1206079

      Historical Development Approvals

      • PlanName (trailing partial): *Ranch
      • DS-ProjNum: COSW87047

    All document types for one project

      • DS-ProjNum: P1202047

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