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  • OS1.19 - Town of Sahuarita Priorities

    Total Project Cost: $ 1,142,035
    Project Name: CPROSSAHU
    Funding Sources: 2004 GO Bonds, RWRD Obligation Funds
    Completion Date: October 2014
    Managing Dept.: County Administrator
    Project Map: GIS Map

    Acquisition of land as part of the Regional Wastewater project CWW.3GVE14 provides a 1000’ buffer around the County’s Green Valley Wastewater Reclamation Facility as required by statute.  This contributed towards acquisition of open space along the Santa Cruz River, as earmarked in the County’s 2004 Conservation Bond program for the Town of Sahuarita, and will provide an easement for the historic Anza Trail along the Santa Cruz River and a site for a future trailhead.  This acquisition also secured additional land within the FEMA floodway of the Santa Cruz River. 

    290 acres, Parcels 303-53-008E and 303-53-008F,  were acquired.Town of Sahuarita