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MapGuide Maps

Using Autodesk's MapGuide browser plug-in, you can view many of our GIS data layers online. Customize your online map viewing while seamlessly panning and zooming data layers of your choice.

Link   Description
Main MapGuide Map The primary MapGuide map for most users. It has most data layers. Orthophotos are available, but they are off by default. Orthophotos are at the bottom of the legend.

Arizona MapGuide Map

The Arizona MapGuide Map features USGS Quad Maps (topo maps) and photo imagery for Pima County and the entire state of Arizona.
Orthophoto MapGuide Map This map is primarily for viewing orthophotos which are visible by default. Many Main MapGuide Map layers are not included. Most users will find the Main MapGuide Map a better choice for all map features, including orthophotos.

Information Search

     Link Description
    Search for a parcel Favorite Search for parcel information by taxpayer name, street address or parcel code (Book, Map, Parcel).
    Search for a street segment Search for street segment information by street name or Road ID.

Zoom to Latitude/Longitude on a MapGuide Map

Enter latitude and longitude and zoom to a MapGuide map location. You can also use the page to convert between decimal degrees and degrees/minutes/seconds formats.

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