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  • Remote Inspection Calendaring Service Instructions

    Click to go to our calendaring service website, then:

    1.  Click on "Find Open time Slots"
    2.  Select the time you wish to start the inspection
    3.  Select either "New User" or "Returning User"
    4.  Fill out the information including: 
    • New users:  You will need to set up your Appointment Plus calendaring service account (see screen shots below).  Use the same name and email as your Skype Account.  If you have an older Skype account also provide your Skype name. (See locating your Skype user name for help)
    • All users:  Permit Number and Inspection Number for all users

    Done!  You will receive a confirmation email from the calendaring service.

    If you need to cancel the inspection see step 5 in the screen shots below.

    remote inspection calendaring service instructions