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  • New Transfer Station Will Replace Sahuarita Landfill

    Nov 12, 2015 | Read More News
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    DEQThe Sahuarita Landfill, owned by Pima County Department of Environmental Quality and operated by Tucson Recycling and Waste Services, will be closed to public use at the end of December or early January and a transfer station will be opened in its place. There will be no interruption in service. 

    The entrance to the transfer station will be the same as the landfill entrance at 16605 S. La Canada. The new Sahuarita Transfer Station will have the same hours and accept all of the same materials for waste disposal, recycling and disposal of ABOP (antifreeze, batteries, oil, and paint). 

    At the new transfer station, the customer will unload their waste from their vehicle on to a large concrete pad. A front end loader will then deposit the solid waste into large open top trailers and the waste will be transported by trucks to a permitted landfill for final disposal. Using the new Sahuarita Transfer Station will be a more pleasant experience for customers because the drop off and recycling areas are paved, so less dust and mud will be created.  

    The fee for use by residential waste haulers will increase to $17.50 per vehicle (from $15) as long the waste is less than one ton. If the waste is more than one ton, the cost will be $39 per ton (previously it was $32.50 per ton). Commercial haulers’ fee will increase to $42.95 per ton (from $32.50 per ton) with a $17.50 minimum. 

    For more information, contact Tucson Recycling and Waste Services at (520) 623-7300 or visit their website.