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  • DOT-06 Magee Road: La Cañada to Oracle

    Total Cost: $ 15,425,650
    Project Number: CTR4MRLCO
    Funding Sources: 1997 HURF Bonds, City Revenue, RTA, County HURF, FHWA
    Completion Date: November 2015
    Managing Dept.:  Transportation
    Project Map: GIS Map

    Due to growth in the northwest Tucson region, the RTA plan approved by voters in 2006 included roadwayCTR4MRLCO 1 Magee - Northern improvements along Magee Road.

    A 1.35 section of the Magee roadway, between La Cañada and Oracle (SR 77), was widened from two lanes to four lanes. Additional construction to add medians, curbs, sidewalks and drainage facilities was also completed.  Along with the landscaping for this new area, a multi-use path was built.

    The improvements along Magee Road increase public safety through increased traffic capacity and fewer travel delays.CTR4MRLCO Magee - La Cañada

    CTR4MRLCO3 Magee-Oracle
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