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  • Dumped like trash, now he is treasured

    Dec 24, 2015 | Read More News
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    peppyIt was October when a man digging through a garbage bin in a Tucson alley found something other than the aluminum cans he was expecting: A five-pound Chihuahua who was so injured he could hardly move or breathe.

    Thankfully, he called us, and Sylvia Adkins and Melissa Glanz, two of our animal care officers, rushed over to help. They found an extremely weak boy, whose head was the only part of him sticking out of a garbage bag. When they put him in their truck, he looked as if he might fall over. They called our medical team to let them know they were on their way with a very small dog in very rough shape.

    Because of the increased support we are getting from our community, Dr. Karyn Carlson and her staffers were ready to help. The dog could barely breathe, and X-rays showed that both of his lungs had nearly collapsed. He had bite wounds on his neck, and he was in shock. Dr. Carlson had to act fast to save his life. She removed the air that was surrounding his lungs so he could breathe again.

    Dr. Carlson also gave him IV fluids, pain medications and antibiotics. As the day went on, he became more alert and responsive, and his breathing improved.

    In the coming days, the dog's health improved to the point where we were able to neuter him and place him up for adoption. Soon after this, he stole the heart of Janice Roop, who named him Peppy.

    Janice said Peppy was shy at first, but that he has become quite the outgoing charmer.

    "Eventually, when he realized no one would ever hurt him again or throw him away, he got happier," she tells us. "With every new day he got stronger, put on weight, and healed on the outside and inside. The love Peppy has brought into our family is beautiful."  
    You can help your community shelter keep these happy endings going in 2016 by making a year-end gift to the Friends of PACC, a nonprofit project fund of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona. This independent group helps meet critical needs for the more than 20,000 pets we take in each year!

    Through the end of the year, the John M. Simpson Foundation, the Bruce Family Foundation and UA's Phi Delta Theta Fraternity will match your gift, up to $15,000!

    Thank you again for supporting the changes at your county shelter. In past years, we would not have had the staff or resources to save a pet like Peppy. Thanks to friends like you, in 2015, we did.

    There are so many ways you can help. You can adopt a pet like Peppy, you can volunteer your time, you can give a pet-care item from our Amazon Wish List, or you help the Friends of PACC meet this generous match

    With your continued care, 2016 will be another year of fantastic saves at PACC!