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  • Meet Lucky, the Christmas miracle cat

    Dec 25, 2015 | Read More News
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    When Lucky came to us shot by an arrow, we were not sure she would survive the next 24 hours, let alone long enough to see Christmas. But thanks to the amazing support our county shelter is getting from friends like you, Lucky is healed, healthy and home for the holidays!

    arrow catIt was almost a year ago when a good Samaritan called us about Lucky, who had wandered into his Midtown Tucson backyard with an arrow completely piercing her back. Within minutes, Michael Eckelbarger, one of our animal care investigators, was there to scoop up Lucky and bring her back to our shelter.

    Thanks to you, Dr. Jennifer Wilcox and her medical team were waiting. They immediately gave Lucky pain medications, administered IV fluids, and gently removed the arrow from her body.

    Dr. Wilcox says it's a miracle the arrow missed Lucky's spine and kidneys.

    "I still can't believe that cat," she says.

    After several days of intensive care in our shelter, Lucky went home with an experienced foster parent and antibiotics, pain medications and fluids made possible by people like you. She didn't return until she was ready to go to our adoption room, and that's when she stole Kate Hopeman's heart.

    "She was the friendliest cat I have ever seen," Kate tells us. "When I put my hand in the kennel, she immediately went toward it and was just so friendly. Right then, I knew I had to have her."

    Amazingly, Lucky shows no signs of wariness toward people, and she has bonded strongly to Kate.

    "When I'm alone, I'm not lonely because she's there," Kate says. "She's been wonderful and truly makes my life better." 

    PACC is the only shelter in our community that never turns away a pet in need, and we take in dozens of sick and injured pets each day. It is much more expensive to save their lives than put them to sleep. You can help your community shelter keep these happy endings going in 2016 by making a gift to the Friends of PACC

    This independent group helps meet critical needs for the more than 20,000 pets we take in each year. Through the end of the year, the John M. Simpson Foundation, the Bruce Family Foundation and UA's Phi Delta Theta Fraternity will match your gift, up to $15,000.

    Thank you again for supporting the changes we are making at your community shelter. With your continued support, 2016 will be another year of miraculous saves at PACC!