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  • Meet Frodo, one charming potbellied pig

    Dec 26, 2015 | Read More News
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    FrodoToday's Top 10 Save didn't bark or meow; rather, he oinked his way into our hearts.
    It was late last year when a Good Samaritan called us about an injured potbellied pig who was wandering near Three Points. Chris Meek, one of our animal care officers, rushed to the scene and found a 133-pound pig loose, lost and with wounds on his face. With help from the Pima County Sheriff's Department, Officer Meek loaded Frodo onto his truck and brought him right back to PACC.
    Because of the support our county shelter has been getting from friends like you, our medical team was waiting to help. Dr. Jennifer Wilcox cleaned Frodo's wounds and gave him pain medications and antibiotics so he was comfortable and could heal. Frodo was already neutered, so he was obviously once someone's pet. Still, nobody came to claim him, so we started looking for Frodo's new family.
    Frodo and friendThis year to date, we've taken in nearly 100 companion animals who aren't dogs or cats, including rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles and birds. Our current shelter doesn't have the ideal spaces to properly care for these pets, so we always try to get them out to new homes, foster homes or rescue groups as soon as possible.
    Thankfully, Savannah Rivera's mom saw Frodo on our Facebook page, and it didn't take long before Savannah knew he would be the perfect fit for her home, where he could live with another pig and three dogs. After a successful meet-and-greet on Jan. 2, Frodo went home with Savannah.
    In his new home, Frodo has his very own clubhouse, which contains plenty of blankets for his snuggle time. In fact, Savannah says, one of his favorite things to do is bury himself in them. Savannah says Frodo spends his days sun bathing, and that this mischievous boy has figured out how to untie her shoelaces, too.
    "He's just so happy all the time and brings so much joy to my life," she tells us. "I can't picture my life without him anymore. He's family."
    Frodo sunbathingAs our community's only shelter that never turns away an injured or at-risk pet, you can count on PACC to be here for pets like Frodo. Five years ago, PACC's pet-save rate was around 50 percent. Just five years later, we are saving nearly 90 percent of the pets we take in -- and we just want to keep getting better and better.
    YOU can help us maintain this progress by making a tax-deductible gift to the Friends of PACC.

    This independent group helps meet critical needs for the more than 20,000 pets we take in each year. Through the end of the year, the John M. Simpson Foundation, the Bruce Family Foundation and UA's Phi Delta Theta Fraternity will match your gift, up to $15,000.

    Thank you again for helping us make PACC a place where pets like Frodo can be saved. With your continued support, 2016 will be the best year ever at PACC.