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  • Clyde found confidence and a family

    Dec 29, 2015 | Read More News
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    Clyde, age 3It's always been hard to save scared dogs like Clyde at our old and overcrowded shelter, but in 2015, our community banded together to make countless miracles happen for dogs like him.

    It was November when we rescued this 3-year-old Shepherd mix from the dirty backyard of a home where he and five puppies were being badly neglected. The whole group of dogs was thin, under-socialized and in desperate need of TLC. Clyde had not had access to water, shelter or love -- but that all changed when he got to PACC.

    When Dr. Karyn Carlson joined our team this summer, she knew right away she wanted to do more for the dogs who are stressed and scared in our care. She asked the Friends of PACC to fund a 3-month supply of Trazodone, a gentle anti-anxiety aid that the county could not get. Because of people like you, the Friends could say yes.

    Once they are out of our shelter, most dogs like Clyde don't exhibit anxious behaviors like lunging, barking or hiding. But if they are doing these things when they are here, it makes it much harder for them to be adopted.

    "Trazodone just helps the dogs not feel like the walls are closing in on them," Dr. Carlson explains.

    A twice-daily dose of this inexpensive medication helped Clyde weather his time at PACC. Just as important was his participation in our Decompression Program, which started in 2015 and is run by a corps of dedicated volunteers. It exists to slowly socialize scared dogs to the point where they can be placed up for adoption. Many of them are just like Clyde, who spent his pre-PACC life in a backyard without much human interaction.

    "They are slowly introduced to the PACC community while we work with behaviors, confidence-building and trust," says Kelly Comstock, one of the program's lead volunteers.

    Clyde's new familyThis combination of medication and TLC from our volunteers helped save an estimated 100 dogs this year, including Clyde, who eventually graduated from the program and was adopted by Danielle Bunting and Josh Solomon.

    They say he's blossomed into a confident and irreplaceable member of their family.

    "Clyde is already house trained and likes to run around and give kisses like crazy," they tell us. "We can't imagine our lives without him."

    You can help support all this progress by making a gift to the Friends of PACC. This independent nonprofit fund held at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona helps meet critical needs for the more than 20,000 pets we take in each year. 

    Thanks to our community's outstanding support over these last eight days, we met our $15,000 match. If you haven't given, will you please make a year-end gift so we can raise $20,000 for PACC pets? 

    Thank you for helping our county shelter give pets like Clyde the lives they always wanted and deserved. With your help, in 2016 we will keep turning backyard dogs into beloved companions.