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  • You gave Sunny her second chance

    Dec 31, 2015 | Read More News
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    Sunny now enjoys car ridesWe can't imagine what Sunny went through before we rescued her from a tree where she'd been hung by ropes and left to die. But we do know that her future is only full of health, happiness and love -- and that her save was thanks to you.  

    It was May when Chris Meek, one of our animal care officers, responded to a call that Sunny had been found near Kino Sports Complex. Officer Meek brought the young Shepherd mix right back to our ICU, where Dr. Jennifer Wilcox was waiting.

    Sunny's face and neck were painfully swollen, and she could barely breathe from the trauma she'd suffered. But thanks to friends like you, Dr. Wilcox and her team were there to help.

    They gave Sunny the IV fluids, medications and vital supportive care she needed to survive. At night, Dr. Wilcox took Sunny home, so that the fragile dog would be safe. Sunny's profound swelling slowly subsided, and we all celebrated when she could eat and drink again.

    Once Sunny survived her critical phase, she finished her recovery with Lee Ann Urban, a foster mom who made it her mission to help Sunny heal physically and emotionally.

    Two years ago, we didn't even have a true foster program. In 2015, your support meant we could develop a robust network of people, like Lee Ann, who are willing to open up their hearts and homes for pets in need of extra TLC.

    Sunny was adopted by a caring retired couple, who wish to remain anonymous because the person or people who hurt her are still at large. They tell us she loves to go for car rides, chase tennis balls, and give kisses.

    "She greets everyone in the morning with a lick," they say.

    Sunny's miraculous save story not only transfixed our local community; it spread as far as Germany, China and the UK. 

    Sunny loves playing at the parkWhile Sunny's past life was singularly horrific, we take in, on average, 50 pets like her every single day. They are all lost, unwanted, neglected or abused. They are hoping for food, love and medical care. And because of friends like you, more and more of them are getting what they want and deserve: A second chance.

    We are the only shelter in our community that will never turn away a pet like Sunny, and over the last few years, we have experienced remarkable progress. So much of it is because of people like you. Your charitable support makes our county shelter's medical program among the country's very best. You can truly be proud of the work happening at PACC. 

    Thank you to everyone who has already donated in support of this progress. If you haven't given, please consider making your year-end, tax-deductible gift to the Friends of PACC, a nonprofit project fund of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona. This independent group exists solely to meet critical needs of PACC's pets. Support them here. 

    With your continued support, we will keep being our community's refuge for pets like Sunny. Thank you from all of us here at PACC.