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  • Pima County Releases SAPCO Report Card

    Mar 07, 2016 | Read More News
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    SAPCO Report CardPima County released its 2014/2015 Sustainability Report Card Friday, Mar. 4. The Report Card details progress made in improving the sustainability of Pima County Operations during fiscal year 2014-15. It represents the first in a series of five annual reports that will be delivered to fulfill the Board-adopted 2014 Sustainable Action Plan for County Operations.   

    Efforts undertaken by County departments and staff to improve the sustainability of County operations has resulted in improved operating efficiency, savings of more than $1.5 million dollars, conserved resources, and reduced impacts on the environment.  

    Highlights from the Report Card include: 
    • Reduced the number of miles traveled by the County fleet by 21%. 
    • Reduced the carbon intensity of County facilities, avoiding approximately 7,443 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. 
    • Installed more than 1.5 megawatts (MW) of solar covered parking. 
    • Increased the percentage of biogas used for energy production by nearly 156%. 
    • Completed construction of the new highly efficient Fleet Services Building and submitted for LEED Gold Certification. 
    • Established sustainability as a central tenet in the design of the new Pima Animal Care Center. 
    • Replaced 45 conventional fuel vehicles with more efficient alternative fuel vehicles. 
    • Developed a new automated system that alerts transportation coordinators when preventive maintenance is due for a vehicle, helping to improve vehicle fuel economy.
    • Replaced non-native landscape with native plants at multiple County facilities including 10 libraries. 
    • Completed Phase I of the Paseo de las Iglesias Ecosystem Restoration Project. 
    • Collaborated with the Sonoran Institute to release the second annual Living River report, which shows improved aquatic habitat, improved water clarity and increased infiltration of the Lower Santa Cruz River.
    • Reviewed and updated the Recycled Paper Purchasing Policy. 
    Expanded the use of 100% recycled content printer paper. 
    Developed the Tobacco-Free Healthy Workforce Initiative for Pima County employees. 
    Audited eligibility compliance of employees who participate in one or more Healthy Lifestyle Premium Discounts. 

    The Sustainable Action Plan for County Operations Interim Sustainability Report Card is attached and also available for viewing on the Office of Sustainability and Conservation’s Sustainability Programs Division website.

    View the full Sustainable Action Plan for County Operations Report Card: FY 2014/2015.

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