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  • Printing Pictometry Aerial Photos


    Unfortunately, the Pictometry Viewer has no built-in printing capability and there's no way we can add it. Options for printing in order of preference include:

    1. Save the complete displayed image as a PDF using the "Export Image to PDF" tool.  Then print the photo or a portion of the photo file from any photo or graphics program that can open the PDF file. (Best results)
    2. Capture the photo image from the screen for printing or to make a photo file. (More steps. Can also give good results.)
    3. Print with your web browser's built-in printing if it works. (Easy, but results may vary. Not recommended.)

    The image quality of your print depends in part on how much of the photo area you use. That is, how big the pixel area is that you select from the photo. You may want to try all four photo directions as the area you print will likely appear as somewhat different sizes in the four views. That is, the four pictures are taken a somewhat different distances from any particular area and the one with the closest view will have the most pixels of the property.

    Due to the perspective nature of Pictometry oblique photos, it's not possible to seamlessly join individual photos to make an image of a larger area. This is because the scale and size varies from near to far across each photo. For example, see two adjacent photos and what happens attempting to merge and align them on a large parking garage near the right edge. You can easily see that the building sizes are different and that the streets don't line up.

    (There is one exception for joining Pictometry oblique photos. Using Esri's ArcMap software with the Pictometry for ArcGIS Desktop extension and access to the photo library, individual oblique Pictometry photos can imported into the ArcMap Data view. Each individual photo is stretched to a consistent scale across the photo, making it possible to see multiple photos aligned on the map. While this "flattens" out the perspective view, the oblique nature of the photos is retained.)

    Capturing the Photo Image From the Screen

    By capturing the photo image from the screen, you can also save the captured image to a JPG file in a photo or graphics program.

    You can use Alt-PrintScreen to put an image of the entire window on the clipboard in preparation for printing. You could also use a program such as SnagIt that provides many more capture options, including capturing just the image area itself, and printing from SnagIt. Using SnagIt can reduce the number of steps and streamline capturing, printing and saving the image.

    Since capturing from the screen doesn't download the original photo file, you'll only get as much detail as you can see or fit on the screen. You may find many of the techniques from Optimizing Orthophotos, Imagery and Map Details used with MapGuide will be helpful to capture as much detail as possible from the screen.

    If you use Alt-PrintScreen to capture the screen window to the clipboard, you can use the Windows Paint accessory or many other programs to clip out, print and save the window image you captured from the screen to the clipboard. To print just the photo portion of the captured image with Windows Paint:

    1. Find and open the Windows Paint program.
    2. Choose Paste to paste the window image into Paint.
    3. Pick the Select tool and drag a box across the image or a portion of the image.
    4. Choose Cut to place the selected image on the clipboard.
    5. Choose File, New to start a new file in Paint. Click "Don't Save" in response to "Do you want to save changes...?" 
    6. Choose Paste to paste the selected image into the new file.
    7. Use File, Save as... or File, Print... to save or print the photo image.


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