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  • Pima County Workforce Development Plan 2016-2020

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    Under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Local Workforce Development Boards (LWDB) must  submit a four-year Plan in partnership with the chief elected official(s). This Pima County Workforce Development Plan (Plan) has been offered for review and comment by stakeholders, Partners, and members of the public.

    Please utilize our feedback form for any comments pertaining to the Workforce Development Plan.

    Navigating this site

    There are many parts to the Workforce Development Plan divided up by sections.

    To view the Plan online use the links below and drop down arrows by each area. To view the entire pdf. version, you may download the Plan by clicking the link at right.

    Desert View

    1. Table of Contents

    2. Executive Summary

    The ARIZONA@WORK Pima County One-Stop System is driven by the Workforce Investment Board’s (WIB) vision of “Quality Jobs, Qualified Workers.” Read more...

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    Vector Space3. Analysis

    Physically about the size of Massachusetts and home to a million people, Pima County is the largest county in southern Arizona. It is predominantly rural with the major population center in Tucson, the county seat.  Read more...

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    Goal Strategies

    4. Goals and Strategies

    Talent is the key to creating, attracting and retaining high-wage jobs. Higher skills equal increased competitiveness, more jobs and increasing earning power. Read more...

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    Access to career opportunities

    5. Workforce System and Partners

    ARIZONA@WORK is not an agency, a program or a building: it is a system for coordinating workforce resources. Interagency coordination and alignment occurs around a common purpose and mutual customer. Read more...

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    Sun Tran bus6. Access

    Access to employment, training, education, and supportive services is a key factor in individuals' ability to move out of poverty, rebound from a layoff and develop meaningful careers. Often the very factors that make these services critical for vulnerable populations are the same factors that limit accessibility of services. Read more...
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    Business Services team

    7. Employer Engagement / Coordination with Economic Development

    Providing a centralized resource for employers is what makes the Pima County public workforce system an essential part of the region's economic development strategy.  Read more...

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    Service Delivery

    8. Programs and Service Delivery

    The WIOA authorizes a rich menu of career services for individuals in a wide variety of circumstances. Service delivery must promote customer choice and assure the best possible mix of services for each individual as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. Read more...
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    Jets9. Performance and Continuous Improvement

    The Pima County Workforce Investment Board (WIB) presides over complex systems for reporting, quality assurance, and formative and summative evaluation. Read more...

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    10. Complaint and Grievance Procedure for Clients

    All ARIZONA@WORK Pima County One-Stop workforce system customers are assured a transparent process for filing complaints and having adverse decisions or actions reviewed fairly. Read more...

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    11. Plan Development

    The Plan was prepared by the Pima County One-Stop Core Partners, in consultation with the WIB Executive, Planning, and Youth Council Committees and the additional One-Stop Partners. Pima County dedicated this web site for the Plan so that it may be reviewed in sections or as a single document and so that comments could be submitted online. Read more...

    A printer friendly version is available.

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