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9. Performance and Continuous Improvement

Jets in flight

The Pima County Workforce Investment Board (WIB) presides over complex systems for reporting, quality assurance, and formative and summative evaluation.

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Kino Veterans Workforce Center

a. Performance Levels

A description of the local levels of performance negotiated with the Governor and chief elected official pursuant to section 116(c), to be used to measure the performance of the local area and to be used by the local board for measuring the performance of the local fiscal agent (where appropriate), eligible providers under subtitle B, and the one-stop delivery system, in the local area.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) reviewed performance measures from previous federal acts and established the same measures for each One-Stop Partner, to the extent that that Partner’s programs would generate results for the performance measures. Each Partner negotiates their performance goals with the state.

Eligible Training Provider measures will be set at the levels used for WIOA Title I Adult programs, unless otherwise directed by the State of Arizona.

The performance measures are complex, and most are based on activities of people who left the programs during previous contract years. As a result, Pima County’s WIB has developed a real-time reporting format for Partners.

Performance Measures formulas:

Negotiated Measures of Performance for each Partner:

WIB panel

b. High-performing Board

A description of the actions the local board will take toward becoming or remaining a high-performing board, consistent with the factors developed by the State board pursuant to WIOA Section 101(d)(6).

Awaiting clarification.

Trucks on I-19

c. High-quality providers

A description of how the local board will ensure the continuous improvement of eligible providers of services through the system and ensure that such providers meet the employment needs of local employers, and workers and job seekers.

The WIB’s Performance Committee reviews the real-time performance of subcontracted agencies at least once a quarter. When issues are detected, the Committee invites the agency into discuss, and may require a corrective action plan, including steps to be taken and a timeline. The Committee monitors progress. Failure to meet benchmarks can result in loss of funding via contract amendment or non-renewal. Compliance monitoring of all contractors is carried out annually.

Eligible Training Providers' performance has traditionally been submitted to the state operated Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) by the training institutions. However, the WIB’s Performance Committee and program staff involved in serving WIOA funded clients though these training providers are conducting an evaluation of data to determine the effectiveness of various types of training.   

One Stop Computer Training Class

d. Management Information Systems

A description of how one-stop centers are implementing and transitioning to an integrated, technology-enabled intake and case management information system for programs carried out under this Act and programs carried out by one-stop partners.

Pima County has been an advocate of and supports state efforts to have one intake system and database for all Partners. Most local intakes are now done on-line, and the state required data management system is the Arizona Job Connection (AJC) system which came online in February, 2012.

Parts of the Pima County One-Stop System use AJC to help employers list job orders, make job referrals, record job order completion information, register applicants into the system for Employment Service, Veterans, WIOA and TAA activities; Track participants’ progress; Record participant completion information and job placement information and Track one year of follow up information. AJC is used to generate performance measure reports.

Every month One-Stop management generates reports from AJC to help review data elements for accuracy. Management also generates monthly “annual” reports to determine program progress with respect to negotiated WIA Title IB performance measures.

Partners have agreed in the MOU to submit performance data to the WIB on a regular basis.

Adult DW Reporting Procedures

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