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  • PACC saves first Parvo dogs through donation-funded program

    Jun 15, 2016 | Read More News
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    PACC saves 7 parvo-positive LabsPima Animal Care Center reached a lifesaving milestone this week when their new foster-based program saved a litter of seven purebred Lab puppies surrendered by their breeder for having Parvovirus.

    Parvo, which is preventable by a relatively inexpensive vaccine, is a highly contagious virus that causes diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration. PACC officials estimate they take in more than 300 dogs with Parvo each year. Without prompt treatment, it is deadly. 

    In past years, PACC has not had the isolation space, medical supplies or manpower they needed to save these puppies, who require several days of fluids, anti-nausea injections and antibiotics. Thanks to a recent $10,000 donation of fluids and medications from the Friends of PACC, a project fund of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, PACC now has a program. The program relies on volunteer foster parents who work with PACC’s team to save these puppies. PACC supplies the foster parents with the necessary fluids and medications to care for these dogs using Colorado State University’s at-home parvo treatment protocol.

    “In almost all of PACC’s history, these sick but savable dogs were put to sleep,” said Justin Gallick, PACC’s director of community engagement. “Our partners in the rescue community have saved many sick dogs using their own resources, but they can’t continue to carry that entire burden. We are so glad that our shelter can finally give puppies like this a chance.” 

    The shelter needs more volunteer foster parents who are willing to care for parvo-positive dogs after they survive the most critical portion of their treatment. Even after they no longer need medication and fluids, these puppies can “shed” the virus for up to two weeks, making it unsafe for them to be in the shelter. PACC needs fosters who can care for them during this time. The shelter also desperately needs foster parents for orphaned kittens, as well as adult dogs recovering from surgery.

    Learn more about PACC’s foster care program and apply online. Those who want to help, but can’t commit to becoming a foster parent can donate foster care supplies from PACC’s Amazon Wish List

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