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  • Supervisors approve policy for naming County programs and facilities

    Jul 05, 2016 | Read More News
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    Brandi Fenton ParkOn Tuesday, July 5, the Pima County Board of Supervisors approved 4-0 a Board policy that addresses the process and circumstances for accepting monetary donations from individuals and organizations in exchange for naming a County program or facility. 

    In the past, the County has named facilities, parks, or programs in honor of people who have made significant non-monetary contributions to the community, such as the recent re-naming of Northwest Community Park in honor of former District 1 Supervisor Ann Day. However, the County did not have a policy in place to consistently address or encourage the practice of philanthropic giving from the private sector. 

    The approved Naming of County Facilities and Programs policy will now provide an opportunity for individuals and organizations to name a County facility, or some part of it, in such a way that honors their financial generosity. Likewise, this policy opens the door for County fundraising programs to exist. Such programs will use naming rights to recognize donors who provide financial assistance – whether in the form of a one-time gift or a commitment to make continuing periodic contributions. 

    Naming rights can apply to County-owned and operated buildings, structures, or parks and facility elements such as exterior landscaped areas, open areas, plazas, meeting rooms, atriums, offices, benches, road segments, paths, walkways and other thoroughfares. Donors will select the name or text to display according to the naming guidelines provided in the policy. These guidelines ensure the name selected represents a real person or organization; that it does not influence political or policy decisions; that it does not offend, mislead, or cause disruptions and that it is sufficiently brief to fit within the space provided. 

    The duration of any given naming right will correspond to the scale of financial assistance provided by the donor, not to exceed 20 years. Additionally, such naming rights for a County facility or program that lasts for more than five years must first be approved by the Board and then marketed through a competitive process to multiple potential donors. 

    The policy cites additional guidelines for memorializing the agreement with the donor, implementing a procedure to track the naming rights already given, and handling naming rights on improvement projects funded with tax-exempt bonds. 

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