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  • New ALERT Rain and Streamflow Maps

    Jul 01, 2016 | Read More News
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    Example of new ALERT MapThe Pima County Regional Flood Control District has upgraded its ALERT system software and has launched a new publicly accessible web page for displaying real- or near real-time hydro-meteorological data for Southeastern Arizona. Precipitation, stream flow and other weather related information produced by District ALERT stations, as well as data generated by other agencies monitoring equipment is now just a few clicks away.

    The new website presents our ALERT data more reliably and offers much more information to assist local communities, public safety agencies, researchers and the general public about current weather conditions. The website provides real-time data from the District’s 105 precipitation, streamflow and weather monitoring stations. In addition the website can display weather and streamflow data from over 40 additional gauging sites run by partner agencies including National Weather Service, U.S. Geological Survey, Arizona Game and Fish, and Pinal, Cochise and Santa Cruz Counties. The list of available cooperator sites continues to expand and sites will be added as they become available.  

    The website’s main feature is a map display containing locations of gauging sites along with a real-time display of the data generated at that site. The map display is built on a Google Maps structure which provides an easy to navigate, reasonably up-to-date map that can be viewed in either street- or terrain-view, and can display satellite imagery. Additionally, current radar images, both static and animations, can be displayed on the map along with National Weather Service storm warnings which appear on the map as a box outlining the affected area(s).  

    Our new system has two versions, one for display on desktops/laptops which currently runs better on Google Chrome than on Internet Explorer, and another for mobile and small screen devices. The mobile device version is a slightly simplified version that provides most of the functionality of the full version. To access either of these two new map displays or to view the older system that will continue to run for a period of time, please go to the RFCD ALERT web page.

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