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  • DOT-57 Palo Verde at Milton and Alvord HAWKs

    Total Cost: $646,633
    Project Number:  CTR.4RTPAM
    Funding Sources: RTA and 1997 HURF Bonds 
    Completion Date: March 2016 
    Managing Dept.: Transportation
    Project Map: GIS Map

    The HAWKs at Milton Rd and Palo Verde Rd and at Alvord Rd and Palo Verde Rd were constructed to supplement pedestrian crossing at the two existing cross-walks.

    Field loop detectors in the pavement, along with video detection, were installed as part of this project. The cameras allow the signals to be timed in a more effective manner, thereby reducing the congestion at the signals.

    Both crossings are located in areas of high pedestrian traffic. Pedestrian traffic generators, such as restaurants, convenience stores, or bus stops, are located on both sides of Palo Verde Rd near Milton Rd and frequent crossing is observed. To mitigate uncontrolled crossing, hand rails were installed in the vicinity of the Milton Rd and Palo Verde Rd HAWK in order to channelize pedestrian traffic into the HAWK crossing.

    The HAWK at Alvord and Palo Verde serves school pedestrian traffic and was giving school crossing signing and striping treatment (e.g. fluorescent yellow school crossing signing, hi-visibility yellow crosswalk). Additionally, a sidewalk was constructed between the HAWK crossing and the school, tying into the school’s existing perimeter crosswalk, in order to address ADA accessibility issues, provide an additional measure of safety for school pedestrian traffic, and to further encourage usage of the HAWK crossing over uncontrolled alternative crossing locations.

    HAWK RailingPalo Verde HAWKHAWK RailingHAWK

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