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  • The numbers are in: Pima County’s tentative budget would result in a wash for tax bills over last year

    May 22, 2013 | Read More News
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    The Pima County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a tentative $1.27 billion budget for next fiscal yearnews icon that’s essentially a break-even budget. It doesn’t significantly expand or reduce services.

    Similarly, the average taxpayer would pay essentially the same amount they paid last year.

    Even though the adopted tentative budget anticipates a $3.71 ceiling on the primary property tax rate – which is higher than the existing $3.41 rate – the reduction in property values will offset that.

    To be clear, the Pima County Board of Supervisors may not ultimately adopt the $3.71 rate when they finalize the budget on June 18. The vote was a procedural mechanism to make sure there was cushion in the budget in case Supervisors decided to further invest in key issues such as road repairs.

    The average homeowner, with a property value of $155,834 in 2012, can expect in 2013 to see the assessed value drop to $144,835.

    That homeowner, who saw a tax bill of $749 in 2012, would see a tax bill of $742 next year.

    Even under the potential rate increase, Pima County would collect slightly less in property taxes overall next year. The entire amount of property taxes collected in the current fiscal year is $386.8 million.  The levy amount that would be collected if the tentative tax rate holds would be $386.4 million.

    The adopted tentative budget is lower by 14 percent than the budget of six years ago when the recession began. In that time, budgets for General Fund departments have been cut 11.5 percent since Fiscal Year 2007/08, and the County workforce has shrunk by 12.8 percent.