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  • SS6.01 Roger Road Wastewater Reclamation Facility Process Water

    Total Project Cost: $248,585
    Project Number: CWW3RPW01
    Funding Sources: 2004 Sewer Revenue Bonds
    Completion Date: April 2010
    Managing Dept.: Regional Wastewater Reclamation
    Project Map: GIS Map
    Process water is vital to the multiple operations throughout the Roger Road plant. Process water is used to cool the various engines that run the plant and power is required to run the process water system. During a power outage, the engines and generators lose cooling water. Prior to this project, there was no back-up system to secure the access to process water in the event of a power failure. Additional pumps and electrical work were required to make the system fully functional. Installation of two new pumps into the pre-existing saddles allows for more flexibility with the system.

    Although only two pumps are required to run in case of power failure to ensure the generators do not overheat, normal system operation during summer months causes five of the existing five pumps to run at once. Since the two new pumps will be powered from either the plant power grid or a backup generator, adding these two pumps provides greater maintenance flexibility during high-use times. This project consisted of the following system upgrades: Automation of Engine/Generator Control System; Automation of Engine/Pump Control System at Pump Station #4; Automation of Engine/Blower Control System; Installation of Bio-Gas Fired Boiler; Variable Frequency Drive Upgrade on Gas Compressor System; Installation of an Electrical Load Bank; and Gas Chiller Upgrade.
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