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  • NR2.09 Northwest Neighborhood Reinvestment Project

    Total Actual Cost: $323,535
    Project Number: CCRNR4039
    Funding Sources: 2004 General Obligation Bonds
    Completion Date: May 2011
    Managing Dept.: Neighborhood/Housing Reinvestment
    Project Map: GIS Map

    The Northwest Neighborhood Association (NWNA) requested funding for improvements to the pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure within the Northwest Neighborhood. The improvements included traffic mitigation in the form of chicanes along Elm Street between 1st and 6th Avenues. These chicanes (curb extensions or bump-outs) alternate on both sides of the street, with a minimum of three chicanes per block. These chicanes extend the limited pedestrian zone into the chicane extension, and include rain water harvesting basins that will provide for shade trees and other native plants. This traffic calming strategy has already shown its effectiveness along Elm Street, causing the traffic to thin and slow down, increasing the pedestrian zone and improving the safety experience simultaneously.

    The second component of this project was a proposed Pedestrian Corridor. This element connected two sections of public easement parallel to the 5th Avenue roadway alignment, creating a direct connection to Mansfield Park and beyond. (This connects the neighborhood, as well as the Feldman’s Neighborhood, just south of the Northwest Neighborhood.) The improved public easement has resulted in a pedestrian-oriented walkway that accommodates bicyclists, wheelchairs users and strollers. It consists of a 10’-wide walkway that doubles as a drainage channel, lined with permeable surfaces. Trees will provide shade on both sides of the walkway and overhead lights will provide light to the path under future tree canopies, enhancing the safety and accessibility of the multi-use greenway.

    The improvements will encourage residents to walk and bicycle within the neighborhood and to local destinations, thereby reducing illegitimate activity through an increase in positive social interaction among its residents.
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