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  • NR2.09 Barrio Viejo Park

    Total Project Cost: $118,316
    Project Number: CCDNR4025
    Funding Sources: 2004 General Obligation Bonds
    Completion Date: March 2010
    Managing Dept.: Neighborhood Reinvestment
    Project Map: GIS Map

    This project consisted of the design and construction of a community park located on the corner of 18th and Convent. At this location, two young boys lost their lives in an accident caused by a drunk driver. A shrine was erected where their car came to a stop and this shrine remains the focal point of the park. This project was selected by the neighborhood to provide a peaceful neighborhood location to sit and reflect. The parcel was and is an historic landmark. It was the home of the first Hispanic radio station in Pima County, housed the first Tucson blacksmith and was the location of numerous row homes. Four rose bushes and two desert willow trees enclose the shrine. There is a checkerboard table and a sunken seating area surrounded by four willow acacia shade trees. Approximately 40 wooly butterfly bushes and other flowering plants were placed throughout the pocket park. Ocotillos and prickly pear cactus adorn the northern section of the park.

    The neighborhood also requested the installation of four steel papel picados on a display wall with the intention of holding an annual Dia de Los Muertos at the site. The shrine is frequented by the family of the deceased children and by residents of the surrounding neighborhoods. The Lalo Garrero elder housing center is across the street from the park and many of its residents spend afternoons enjoying the park. Two plaques have been installed which describe the history and culture of the area and site, and a third plaque relates the story of the memorial.

    Barrio Viejo Park
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