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  • Recruitment, Selection & Current Job Openings

      Find Your Future Here: 

    Do You Know What Kind of Job You're Looking For?

    Pima County's application process is driven by NEOGOV and Governmentjobs.com.

    If you are having issues, please let us know using our Feedback Form

    Qualifying Applicants:

    • Are 18 years or older (except summer youth or youth worker program).
    • Fill out the entire job application, and do not put on ‘see resume’ in DUTIES. ( Resumes are used as back-up material only and may not actually be used in the selection process.) Do not attach a cover letter unless specifically requested in the job announcement.
    • Complete a detailed work history, including paid, unpaid, self-employment, and military, enough to show they meet the minimum and preferred qualifications for the position; exclude slang, abbreviations, or work jargon.
    • If required, attach:
      • A legible copy (front and back) of their driver license.
      • A copy of their high school diploma, GED, college diploma or transcript showing a graduation date when a high school diploma is required.
      • A copy of unofficial college transcript(s) when semester hours are required.
    • Submit their application before 11:59 p.m. (Arizona time) of the closing date.
    • If they are not a current Pima County employee and are a veteran, disabled and/or a Native American, they may submit a Request for Preference Points form. (See instructions.) Either email documents to hr.recruitment@pima.gov or fax them to (520) 770-4241.
    • If an applicant requires an ADA accommodation for any examination or interview during the recruitment process, the applicant should contact the ADA Coordinator through the Employment Rights Division at (520) 724-8028.

    Pima County Human Resources - (520) 724-8028

    Questions about your NEOGOV or Governmentjobs.com account call (855) 524-5627

    If you need to reset your password please click the "Reset Password" link located under the Sign in section at the top of the page or call the NEOGOV Customer Service number above.

    Fax (520) 222-1487

    Secure Fax (520) 770-4241

    150 W Congress, 4th floor
    Administration West Building
    Tucson, AZ 85701



    The recruitment process will open monthly and collect applications.  All applications received during the recruitment process will receive an automatic passing score.

    NOTE: We no longer require a typing or data entry test for the initial hiring phase. 

    Frequently Asked Questions About the Recruitment Process:

    1. How does the application process work?  

    After you click on the link Pima County Employment Opportunities, the screen lists all the positions currently available. Click on the position that you are interested in. Read the qualifications for the position. If your experience and education meet the requirements, click on APPLY in the upper right hand corner.

    Create an account if you have not already done so on this site. (Remember your userid and password for future use.)

    Complete all the tabs on the left side of the screen and submit. You can choose to either complete each section manually or upload your resume for the program to automatically fill-in the fields. By including all the information that shows you meet the requirements, you increase your chance for an interview with the hiring department. (Do not put “Please see resume” in the DUTIES part of the Work History.) Verify each section contains the correct information. If you need to correct something; click on the EDIT located in the upper right hand corner of each section; correct the information; and SAVE the changes in that particular section.

    Unless stated in the position requirements, attaching a resume is not necessary. Screeners will determine eligibility from the information included in the application only. If the positions require a driver license or high school diploma/GED or college transcript, make sure that copies of these documents are attached.

    2. How do I know what employment opportunities exist in Pima County government?

    You can view current positions by clicking on the link Pima County Employment Opportunities. You may also call our jobline (520) 724 – 3530.

    3. How often are new jobs posted?

    New positions are posted every Friday and remain open for at least 5 business days.

    4. How do I submit my application?  

    All applications are submitted electronically through the link  Pima County Employment Opportunities link on our website, www.pima.gov/hr/recruitment,selection&jobopenings. When you hit SUBMIT the screen confirms APPLICATION SUBMITTED SUCCESSFULLY.

    5. Where do I go to apply if I don't have computer access?

    You can apply using any computer that has internet access. We offer public access to three computers in our front lobby on a first-come-first-serve basis. Public libraries offer usage of their public computers on a reserved basis. Both Pima County One Stop Employment & Training Centers located at either 340 N Commerce Park Loop (520-724-7650) or 2797 E Ajo Way (520-243-6797) offer assistance.

    6. The job announcement indicated that a supplement is required. What is a supplement? How do I get this supplement?

    All supplemental questions are now included in the application for their respective positions.

    7. How can I improve my application or resume?

    Successful applications that get interviews have the experience and/or education that match the minimum and preferred qualifications for the position and list the information in the DUTIES section of the Work History. They put the information in terms commonly understood by people that are not necessarily experts in the field.

    8. How do I know the selection criteria for the "Open Continuous" positions?

    “Open Continuous” positions do not have selection criteria because they are recruiting for an entire class of positions. When submitting an application for “Open Continuous,” give as much detail about your experience as possible.

    9. How can I change information on my profile (phone, address, etc.) after submitting it?

    When you log into your account, click on your name in the upper right-hand corner. In the drop down box select Profile. Click on Edit in the upper right-hand corner of the Contact Information box. Update your information, then click on SAVE at the bottom of that same box.

    10. What happens if my application materials are incomplete?

    Incomplete applications may not be considered for the position. After a twenty-four (24) hour waiting period you may reapply for the same position if the position has not yet closed.

    11. When should I file an application?

    Apply for those positions that meet your experience and education. Our new system powered by NEOGOV and Governmentjobs.com allows applicants to reapply after a twenty-four (24) hour waiting period within the opening and closing dates. Keep in mind that only the latest application will be considered in the selection process.

    12. What is the closing date?

    Closing date is the last day applications can be completed and submitted for consideration. All applications must be completed by 11:59 p.m. Arizona Time on the advertised closing date. “Open Until Filled” and “Open Continuous” position do not have closing dates. 

    13. What happens to my application if it is not received by the deadline?

    After the closing date, positions will no longer be available for application.

    14. Who should I contact to find out about my application?

    You may check your account to see the latest status of your application(s).

    15. How does the selection process work?

    After HR receives completed applications, we screen them for the Minimum Qualifications. After the closing date all applications that meet the minimum qualifications are sent to the hiring department. Their Subject Matter Experts (SME) evaluates the application against the Preferred Qualifications and give points for each Preferred Qualification the application matches. The hiring department interviews the applicants that receive the highest points. Some hiring departments will use assessment tests, practical tests, as well as, interviews to determine the best candidate for the position. Upon deciding the best candidate, an offer is made.

    Applicants are notified when they do not meet the qualifications. Status of your application can now be tracked in your account.

    16. Who is eligible for Employee Preference Points and when are they applicable?

    For applicants who are not currently employed by Pima County, Preference Points can be awarded if they are disabled, veterans and/or Native Americans. They can only be used during the initial hiring process and not for promotional or other changes in employment status. Qualified applicants must submit a Preference Point Request form along with documentation verifying their status.

    17. How does the selection process work for Office Support (OSL) positions?

    We establish a register of qualified applicants for clerical positions in Pima County government. All recruitments for clerical (OSL I, OSL II, OSL III, OSL IV and Voter Registration Clerk) positions are taken from the established register. To get your name on the register, you must apply to the OSL recruitment, schedule a seat for the written test, and pass the written assessment test that we proctor every month. Passing scores are good for one year. If an applicant wants to improve their score, they must wait 90 days before they are eligible to retake the test. Only the score from the last test taken will remain on the register. Hiring departments pull applications from the register based on the experience and written score achieved by the applicant.

    HR will no longer proctor the skills test for typing and data entry.

    18. What positions require written tests as part of the initial selection process?

    The positions of Deputy Sheriff and Corrections Officer use written tests as part of their initial selection process. Other positions identify testing assessments in their recruitment information. (See question #17)

    19. What if I don't want to work for a particular department?

    In the application Profile you can list your department preferences.

    20. When does the selection process take place for the "Open Until Filled" and "Open Continuous" positions?

    In some cases the “Open Until Filled” positions will advertise a ‘1st screening date.’ On that date, applications that have been received and meet the minimum qualifications will be passed onto the hiring department. If a candidate is not found to fill the position, the recruitment will remain open until it is filled.

    For “Open Continuous,” a hiring department submits a request to draw applications from that recruitment. More than one hiring department can draw from this file of applications. 

    21. Does Pima County conduct background checks?

    Pima County conducts background checks on some positions depending on the department. Most all positions in the Sheriff’s Department and County Attorney’s Office require background checks. Hiring department notifies applicants who are subject to background checks. In addition, it is common practice to conduct reference checks on new employees. All applicants are asked to sign an electronic release for reference checks. 

    22. What happens if I decline or fail to appear for an interview?

    Your application status will end for that particular recruitment.

    If you want to be notified when the next recruitment opens for specific job categories, select JOB CATEGORIES from the menu option located in the upper left-hand corner of the screen after you sign in to your account; select the categories that interest you; click the “Subscribe” button. 

    23. Does Pima County have a listing of all job titles?

    Yes. Listing of job titles can be found in two (2) places:

    1) www.pima.gov/hr; click on ‘Classification/Compensation’ link; job titles are listed alphabetically and include the class code, title, FLSA status, grade level, and the hourly rate salary range

    2) After you sign in to your NEOGOV account, click on “Job Categories” found in the MENU drop down in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Job titles are listed alphabetically which include job title, class code, monthly salary range, and a summary of the position.

    24. What is an "Unclassified" position?

    Unclassified positions are not subject to the Pima County Merit System Rules; however, they are subject to the Pima County Personnel Policies. Unclassified positions usually have class codes in the seven thousand series (7115, 7120, etc.) and are identified as “Unclassified” in the announcements. These positions are usually referred to as “at will” employment.

    25. The job lists a salary range. Is this negotiable?

    Any ‘starting’ salary above the advertised minimum must be approved by the County Administrator. Some positions use a matrix to set the starting salary based on experience (DOE), education and professional registration/certification or training (DOQ).


    If you are having issues, please let us know using our Feedback Form

    For all other questions, contact us:

    (520) 724-8028

    For technical support with the applicant tracking system please call - (855) 524 - 5627 
    Fax – (520) 222-1487
    Secure fax – (520) 770-4241

    150 W Congress, 4th floor
    Administration West Building
    Tucson, AZ 85701

    Pima County provides equal access and equal opportunity in employment and services and does not discriminate.  View the Pima County Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (EEOP).

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    Recruitment, Selection & Current Job Openings

    150 W. Congress, 4th Floor
    Tucson, Arizona 85701 

    Phone: (520) 724-8028
    Fax: (520) 222-1487

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    Pima County provides equal access and equal opportunity in employment and services and does not discriminate.

    2021 Pima County Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (EEOP)

    2021 Pima County Attorney’s Office Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

    2021 Pima County Sheriff’s Department Equal Employment Opportunity Plan