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  • Employee Benefits

    Be Well

    This site has been designed for eligible Pima County employees. Its primary purpose is to keep you up to date by providing information, forms and plan documents. We hope that you find this useful and complete.

    While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained, in the event of any discrepancy, the legal documents, policies, or contracts pertaining to the various benefits will prevail. 

    The HR / ADP Outsourced Benefits Administration (OBA) System is available through the Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal

    Contact  Benefits Wellness
    We are here to help

    If you would like to speak with us in person, it is recommended you call ahead of time to schedule an appointment. 

    Phone:  724-8464 724-2786
    Email:  Benefits  Wellness

    Current Programs and Activities

    Do The Five - Staying Healthy during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Do The FiveYou may already be aware of the Do The Five campaign from the World Health Organization (WHO) to help limit the spread of the coronavirus by:

    1. HANDS – Wash them often
    2. ELBOW – Cough into it
    3. FACE – Don’t touch it
    4. FEET – Stay more than 6 feet apart
    5. FEEL sick? – Stay Home
    In our version of Do The Five, you will focus on five wellness strategies to keep you healthy, connected, and informed. We understand that most of you are living outside of your comfort zone and we would like to provide some healthy options you can do during quarantine/social distancing to help your life feel a little more normal again. Activities will include working from home with tips for physical activity, nutrition, self-care and stress management.

    Complete the Do The Five Wellness Calendar by completing a different wellness activity each day for 19 days. We encourage you to repeat one or more activities everyday throughout the campaign.

    Details for each activity can be located within this packet. It is recommended that you print out the Wellness Calendar and fill in the activities each day before submitting electronically.

    Submit the Do the Five Wellness Calendar and earn 10 Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points. This challenge can be completed one time for points.

    Additional Resources:

    List of Health Benefits

    Pima County offers a wide variety of employee benefits programs. The information and links below include resources and answers many of the questions you might have about your benefits.



    2020/21 Benefits Guide Book         

    2020/21 Benefits At a Glance

    2020/21 Medical, Dental, Vision Rate Sheet


    EligibilityDefinitions of employee eligibility for insurance coverage, insurability of dependents, qualifying events due to family and employment status changes, and insurance while on a leave of absence, can be found in Group Insurance Personnel Policy 8-122, Required documentation for additional information.

    Important Coverage Notifications

    Benefit Forms

    FormsThere are a variety of Benefits Forms you may need to enroll in coverage. You may find these forms under the various benefit webpages or by clicking on the Benefits tab located under the Human Resources Forms webpage.

    BeWell Presentations

    BeWell WorkshopsThe Human Resources Benefits & Wellness program have created a variety of workshops to help educate and empower Pima County employees to better understand their benefits and how to best utilize them.

    In order to cover work hours utilized to attend, non-exempt employees may be required to use annual leave or comp time (in conjunction with their lunch break) or, with prior approval from their supervisor, may be permitted to flex their time during the same week. Exempt employees are not required to use vacation time to attend. See the BeWell Time tab for more details on how to participate in these activities using BeWell Time.

    For a schedule of on-site, webinars, and recorded workshops, please visit the BeWell Presentation webpage.


    New-hiresPima County offers a wide variety of employee benefits programs. 

    Visit the New-Hires webpage to learn about available resources and offer answers many of the questions you might have about your benefits.     

    Qualifying Life Events

    An employee may enroll in or cancel insurance coverage and/or add or delete dependents only during the regularly scheduled annual enrollment, unless a qualifying life event has occurred. Visit the Qualifying Life Events webpage for a full list and instructions. 
    Qualifying events are completed in the Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal.

    Updating Beneficiaries

    BeneficiariesIt is important to elect a beneficiary and make sure your beneficiaries are up to date on all your Pima County benefits. Update information by login in the Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal.

    • It eliminates confusion and it saves time. By having a current beneficiary on all your accounts, you leave not doubt as to what you wish to be done with your hard-earned money or insurance proceeds. In the event of your death and you have not named a beneficiary, this will delay the transfer of funds. If there are final expense to be taken care of, the impact could be significant.
    • It helps ensure the financial wellness of your loved ones. This is particularly important when it comes to life insurance, where the main purpose is to provide money to help cover funeral expenses or to replace income.
    Please keep in mind that the life insurance company will not pay to a beneficiary before they reach the age of 18. Any amount payable to a minor will be paid to the minor's legal guardian. Consider establishing a trust or making specific arrangements for minor beneficiaries.

    HSA Bank

    Life Insurance (ADP)

            ADP Instructions
    • Basic Life/AD&D
    • Supplemental Life
    • Voluntary AD&D

    Supplemental Retirement Savings Plan - 401(a)

    State Retirement

    Medical & Pharmacy

    Aetna administered the County's self-insured High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with or without a Health Savings Account (HSA). CVS administers the County's Pharmacy plan to work in conjunction with the medical plan.

    Medical & Pharmacy

    Medical and RXThere are two High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) options for medical insurance, one with a Health Savings Account (HSA) and one without. Both plans are offered by Pima County and administered through Aetna.

    Your plan is based on a combined deductible of medical and prescription claims. The deductible is the total out-of-pocket spending required by you before prescription benefits are paid. Your annual deductible is $2,000 for an individual or $4,000 for a family. Until this deductible is met, you will pay 100 percent for your prescriptions.

    For additional information, please visit the Medical and Pharmacy webpage.    

    Contact Information  Medical - Aetna Pharmacy - CVS/Caremark
    Plan Type Aetna Plan Type: Aetna Choice POS II (Open Access)

    Group Number: 86346


    Group Number: RX1955
    Member ID Aetna Member ID Number: Use 000 followed by your EIN

    (example 000123456)
    Phone Numbers Aetna Customer Service: (800) 784-3989

    Teladoc: (855) 835-2362

    Informed Health Line: (800) 556-1555              
    CVS Customer Service: (888) 202-1654

    CVS Specialty Pharmacy: (800) 237-2767
    Aetna website CVS website

    Domestic Partnership Health Insurance

    DPIf you wish to insure a domestic partner, you must complete a Domestic Partner Affidavit each Fiscal Year. A Domestic Partner Affidavit is for insurance related purposes, as well as use of sick leave, humanitarian leave, and FMLA.

    Keep in mind, a Domestic Partner, unless a qualified tax dependent, is not an eligible dependent in a Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account. As such, if you participate in either account, you will need to manage your contributions and distributions accordingly. Refer to IRS Publication 969 for more information.

    If you need to drop your Domestic Partner from your benefits plan, a Domestic Partner Termination form must be filled and signed by employee and Department Benefits/Personnel Representative.

    Imputed Income

    Imputed income refers to the employer paid portion of the domestic partner medical coverage. If you add a dependent to your health insurance coverage who does not qualify as a tax dependent under the IRS Code 152 and Notice 2010-38, the Fair Market Value (FMV) of the employer contribution toward that coverage is considered a taxable fringe benefit, subject to tax withholding.

    Calculating Imputed Income

    Any premiums collected for a Domestic Partner on file is taxable, including what the County is paying. The difference between the employee only premium and the employee + domestic partner premium is the taxable portion of the medical premium for the domestic partner coverage. The employee is also responsible for the taxable portion of the employer premium in addition to any County Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions. 

    For Example:

    For medical coverage, the premium for employee + domestic partner is $46.13. The difference between the employee only premium ($35.00) and the employee + domestic partner premium is $11.13, which is the taxable portion of the medical premium for the domestic partner coverage. The employee is also responsible for the taxable portion of the employer premium in addition to any County Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions.

    Healthy Lifestyle Premium Discounts

    Certain health choices may save money on your medical premiums. By taking simple steps like being tobacco-free, completing the on-line health assessment, completing a preventive exam, or participating in other healthy lifestyle activities you’re making meaningful strides toward improved health.

    Discount #1: Be Tobacco Free

    tobaccoTo be eligible for Discount #1 you need to certify your tobacco free status during Annual Enrollment. Discounts will be awarded July 1st - June 30th.

    Tobacco free is defined as being tobacco free for at least the past three months. Tobacco use includes cigars, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, electronic cigarettes or any other tobacco product. You will be asked to certify your tobacco free status once per year during annual enrollment.

  • Tobacco Cessation Support
  • Discount #1 - Be Tobacco Free FAQs
  • Discount #2: Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points

    wellnessTo be eligible for Discount #2, you need to earn at least 50 points by participating in a variety of wellness programs, preventive exams/screenings, and/or wellness events throughout the year.

    There are three levels of points in which you can earn your Discount #2. Each category is worth $5 off your bi-weekly medical premiums for a total value of up to $15 per pay period.

    • Level 1 - 50 points: $5 total per pay period
    • Level 2 - 100 points: $10 total per period
    • Level 3 - 150+ points: $15 total per pay period

    To earn points toward this discount, please see the menu of wellness program options available for you to participate in throughout the year, by visiting the Discount #2: Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points webpage.

    Detailed instructions for Checking Progress Towards 2021-22 Discounts in MyADP Instructions

    Dental & Vision

    Healthy vision and maintaining good oral health is important to maintaining an overall good quality of life. The advantages of routine vision and dental go beyond cleanings and improving vision.  Many potentially serious health conditions may be discovered during these two simple exams. Pima County offers several plans to choose from.


    dentalNew Dental Plans - Pima County is proud to announce two new dental plans. Visit the Dental Insurance Plans webpage to view more information.

    Delta Dental of Arizona – Pima County Dental: Offering a large network of dental service providers at a discounted rate.

    United Concordia Dental / Solstice – DHMO: Offers a copayment benefit with no deductible or limits utilizing a list of contracted dental providers. 

    FY2020/21 Dental Plans:

    Contact Information Delta Dental of AZ

    (Pima County Dental)
    United Concordia Dental / Solstice (DHMO)
    Group Number 32401 922950-000
    Address P.O. Box 43000

    Phoenix, AZ 85080-3000

    P.O. Box 19199

    Plantation, FL 33318

    Customer Service (800) 352-6132 (877) 760-2247
    Website Pima County Delta Dental of Arizona United Concordia Dental / Solstice

    Member portal

    Solstice webpage

    To find a provider select Plan 550B
    Email Customer Service Email Contact Us - Email Option


    visionVision Care is an optional plan offered by Davis Vision that provides comprehensive vision coverage.  The employee pays the full cost. Please visit the Vision Insurance Coverage page for further information.

    Contact Information Davis Vision
    Group # 505290
    Phone (800) 999-5431
    Address 175 East Houston Street

    San Antonio, TX 78205
    Website  Davis Vision

    Managing Your Money

    Both the Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allow employees with health insurance to set aside pre-tax money for qualifying healthcare-related expenses.

    Health Savings Account (HSA)

    HSAHealth Savings Account (HSA) is available to employees that enroll in the High Deductible Health Plan w/HSA.  An HSA is a tax favored saving account. Employers and Employees may deposit funds into the account with a combined maximum that is regulated by the Internal Revenue Service.

    Learn more about HSA eligibility and IRS requirements by visiting the HSA webpage

    Contact Information  HSA Bank
    Phone (800) 357-6246
    Address P.O. Box 939

    Sheboygan, WI 53082-0939
    Website HSA Bank

    Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

    FSAFlexible Spending Accounts allow the employee to deposit money in an account(s) on a pre-tax basis. The funds which are set aside are used by the employee for reimbursement of eligible out-of-pocket costs incurred in the areas of health (medical, dental and/or vision), dependent care and/or parking.

    Visit the FSA webpage to learn more about the different types of FSAs available to you.

    Contact Information  Application Software Inc. (ASI)
    Phone (800) 659-3035
    Address P.O. Box 6044

    Columbia, MO 65205-6044
    Website ASI

    Leave Benefits

    Pima County employees are provided sick time, vacation time, several paid holidays and other opportunities to take time away from work when necessary.

    Leave Benefits

    leave benefitsPaid Leave

    Annual Leave (Vacation): is accrued at 12 days for the first three years with increased accruals based on years of service to a maximum of 21 days. 

    Sick Leave: is accrued at 12 days per year with the ability to transfer an established number of unused sick leave hours to annual leave at the end of year, established by the employee's anniversary date.

    Holidays: Pima County observes ten (10) holidays.

    Bereavement Leave: is for the use in the death of an immediate family member: up to 3 work days if in Arizona or up to 5 work days if out of state is granted.

    Employer-paid Short-Term Disability: Administered by Lincoln Financial Group. The benefit covers a portion of your income when you are recovering from an illness or injury. Visit the Short-term Disability webpage for more information.

    Long-Term Disability: Available through participation in the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS). This benefit which pays an employee when he or she is out of work due to illness or injury for more than six months. Pays up to 66-2/3% of employee’s base pay if off work more than 6 months. Employee Contribution: .16% / Employer Match: .16% Long Term Disability (LTD) Booklet ASRS

    Workers' Compensation:
    Workers' Compensation and Occupational Disease Benefits are available for employees and cover accidental injury, disability, disease or death which occurs as a result of employment and is job-related.

    Parental Leave: Employees who are eligible for benefits & have been employees with the County for at least 12 months are eligible for 6-weeks of partially paid parental leave within the first 12-weeks after the birth or adoption of a child. The benefit will be paid at 66-2/3% of employee’s regular pay at time of leave.

    Employer-paid Short-term Disability

    Short term disabilityPima County is pleased to announce a new County-paid Short-term Disability benefit starting April 1, 2019. This plan is administered by Lincoln Financial Group and covers a portion of your income when you are recovering from an illness or injury.

    To learn about the benefit, eligibility criteria and how the process works, visit the Short-term Disability webpage. 


    Contact Information  HR Leave Administration
    Phone (520) 724-8076
    Email HR Leave Administration

    Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

    FMLAFamily and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993 is the federal law that requires employers to provide eligible employees with up to twelve (12) workweeks of unpaid, job-protected leave in a 12-month period for qualifying family and medical reasons. It is the policy of Pima County to comply with the provisions of the FMLA and the relevant regulations. HR-FMLA is responsible for processing all requests for FMLA related leaves for Pima County Departments, with the exception of the judicial departments.

    Employees are eligible for FMLA if they have been employed by Pima County for at least one year and worked a minimum of 1,250 hours in the previous 12 months. For additional information see the Employee Rights and Responsibilities notice, Employee's Guide to the FMLA and Pima County Administrative Procedure 23-37.

    Visit HR Forms for Family and Medical Leave forms.

    Contact Information  HR Leave Administration
    Phone (520) 724-8076
    Email HR Leave Administration

    Life Insurance

    Pima County offers a variety of options when it comes to Life Insurance for you and your family.

    Life Insurance Benefits

    Life InsurancePima County's life insurance is provided through Minnesota Life, an affiliate of Securian Financial and includes:

    • Basic Life and AD&D
    • Supplemental Life
    • Spouse Life
    • Child(ren) Life
    • Voluntary AD&D
    To learn more, visit the Life Insurance webpage.

    Contact Information  Securian Financial
    Phone (866) 365-2374
    Address 400 Robert Street

    North St. Paul, MN 55101-2098
    Website Securian Financial

    Retirement Benefits

    The following plans provide a great way to save for retirement. These plans help employees build a plan for their future and contribute to their family's long-term financial well being.

    Retirement Benefits

    RetirementRetirement Plan participation is mandatory for all eligible employees who are covered by one of the Arizona state retirement plans. These are defined benefit plans in which the County and the employee contribute a certain percentage of the employee's salary. Long Term Disability is only available through the Arizona State Retirement System and this benefit pays an employee when he or she is unable to work due to illness or injury for more than six months. The other retirement plans offer a medical retirement. 

    Visit the Retirement Plans webpage  to learn more.

    Contact Information  ASRS PSPRS ASI COBRA
    Phone (520) 239-3100

    (800) 796-9753 (for subsidy inquires)
    (602) 255-5575 (877) 388-8331
    Address 4400 E. Broadway Blvd. Ste 200

    Tucson, AZ 85067-3910
    3010 E. Camelback Rd.

    Phoenix, AZ 85016-4416
    201 W. Broadway

    Columbia, MO 65203
    Website  ASRS     PSPRS ASI Cobra
     Additional Resources

    Deferred Compensation

    Deferred CompensationThe Pima County Deferred Compensation Plan is offered by Nationwide under the Arizona State Retirement Systems (ASRS) Supplemental Salary Deferral Plan (SSDP). This plan allows you to contribute a portion of your salary to supplement retirement savings on a pre-tax basis.

    Section 457 Deferred compensation plans are designed to help you supplement your retirement income. The County does not match funds or make any contributions. Please visit Deferred Compensation for further information.

    Additional Resources

    Online Contribution Change Instructions

    Online Initial Enrollment Instructions

    If you would like to meet VIRTUALLY with our local Deferred Compensation Representative, you may schedule your appointment online.

    Contact Information Klark Krauter Service Center National Contact

    (520) 262-0348

    (602) 650-1278
    (888) 401-5272 (877) 677-3678
    Email Klark Krauter Nationwide Service  
    Website  Deferred Compensation

    Supplemental Retirement - 401(a)

    401(a)This plan is available to those benefits eligible Pima County employees who are age 40 (ASRS) and 30 (PSPRS) or older. Participation is a one time, irrevocable election. Participating employees will have the option to elect a percentage of pay or a specific annual amount. Selecting a percentage of pay allows that amount to increase as your income increases; whereas flat amounts will remain the same for the remainder of County employment. Deductions are taken on a pre-tax basis saving you additional dollars. Various investment options are available. This voluntary plan can be elected in addition to your mandatory retirement pension and your voluntary Deferred Compensation.      

    The SRSP provides you with:

    • A pre-tax/tax deferred way to invest for retirement
    • Higher contribution limits than those allowed under 457s or IRAs--up to 100% of pay or $53,000 (whichever is less)
    • An opportunity to create an individual portfolio of investments from a broad spectrum of asset classes
    • A home for rollovers, allowing you to consolidate and manage your retirement and savings plan assets through one low cost plan.

    Enrollment periods:

    • Within two years from hire date, if eligible
    • Within two years reaching the eligibility age -- 40 (ASRS) or 30 (PSPRS)
    Contact Information Klark Krauter
    Phone (520) 262-0348
    Fax (602) 650-1278
    Email Klark Krauter

    Additional Benefits


    AFLACAFLAC benefits are available to Pima County Employees for Accident, Cancer, Hospital Confinement, and Short Term Disability. These supplemental benefits are 100% Employee funded.

    Visit the Voluntary Benefits webpage to view the information.

    If you have additional questions or would like to enroll, please contact:

    Contact Information  AFLAC
    Representative Sandra Sarff 
    Office Phone (520) 825-2254
    Fax (520) 825-2254
    Mailing Address 7090 N. Oracle Road


    Tucson, AZ 85704
    Email Sandra Sarff
    Website AFLAC
    Facebook AFLAC/Pima County Group Page
    Additional Resources

    Legal and Financial Planning Services

    ARAGLegal and Financial Planning Services is optional and provides paid-in-full legal and financial planning services for the employee by an outside carrier, UltimateAdvisor®, administered by ARAG® Group. The employee pays the full cost.

    Changes to this plan cannot be made until the next Annual Enrollment period.

    Contact Information  ARAG
    Phone (800) 819-6010
    Phone for Members (800) 247-4184
    Address 500 Grand Ave

    Des Moines, IA 50309
    Website ARAG Access Code: 10225pc

    Additional Resources

  • ARAG Pima Plan Flyer 
  • Legal Risk Assessment Worksheet
  • ARAG Summary Plan Document
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    EAPEAP counseling is a no-cost benefit where you may access a counselor for any problem that is affecting your personal and/or professional life. You may see a counselor for up to ten sessions per problem. EAP is available to all active Pima County employees. This program also covers your spouse, significant other (living in the home) and children living in the home. 

    Learn more by visiting the EAP webpage.      

    Contact Information Employee Assistance Program
    Phone (888) 238-6232
    Website EAP

    Login: PIMA

    Password: County

    Bus Pass Subsidy

     Bus PassOnly permanent regular employees appointed to full-time, part-time or variable-time status may participate in the program. Eligible employees may obtain a SunGo Bus Pass through the Human Resources Department and are entitled to one 50% subsidy offset per month.

    For additional information on the Bus Pass Subsidy Program see Administrative Procedure 23-7.

    For changes relating to your bus pass payroll deductions, login to Employee Self Service (ESS) and click on the Benefits tab, then click on Declare Life Event and choose Bus Pass Enroll/Change/Drop to submit your request.

    If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your Departmental Benefits Representative or the Human Resources Benefits Division at HRBenefits@pima.gov or call (520) 724-8464.
    • Pretax payroll deductions are available.
    • Bus pass subsidy is 50% of the total cost for the fare as follows:

    Monthly Fares are:

    Fare Type Total Employee Cost County Subsidy
    Full Fare $48.00 $24.00 $24.00
    Express $64.00 $32.00 $32.00
    Registering your SunGO Smart Card

    After you receive your SunGO Smart Card, you'll need to log on to the Sun Tran website and register your card. Registration will provide you with loss protection.

    If you wish to cancel your bus pass, you need to log in to your benefits page through the Employee Self Service portal, click on the "Declare Life Event" button, then from the drop-down options, choose "Bus Pass Enroll/Change/Drop" and complete the process. Contact Human Resources Benefits at 724-8464 if additional help is needed.

    View Bus Pass Enroll, Cancel or Change Due Dates

    Employee Discounts

    Employee Loan Program

    KashableIntroducing a low cost loan program called Kashable for Pima County employees. Kashable offers low cost loans via online application with instant decision and funds deposited directly to your bank account within three business days from approval.

    These personal loans can be used for any purpose, and are great resource for those looking to tackle high-interest debt or unexpected expenses during financial hardships.

    • Loan amounts up to $10,000
    • Interest rates starting as low as 6% APR*
    • 6 to 24 month repayment terms
    • Repayment through payroll deduction

    *To qualify for the lowest rate, applicant must have a responsible credit history.

    Learn more by visiting the Kashable Loan Program webpage.

    Contact Information  Kashable
    Phone (646) 663-4353
    Email Customer Service
    Registration link Kashable Application 
    Website Kashable

    Tuition Discount Program

    There are new tuition discounts available for Pima County employees.

    Learn more by visiting the Tuition Discount Program webpage   

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    Pima County provides equal access and equal opportunity in employment and services and does not discriminate.

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