10. Complaint and Grievance Procedure for Clients

Roads All workforce system customers are assured a transparent process for filing complaints and having adverse decisions or actions reviewed fairly.

Each entity partnering in the workforce system has its own grievance procedure which will be followed to address a complaint or grievance concerning the employees and programs of that entity. 

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Title I & Title II

The Pima County Community Services, Employment and Training Department issues a copy of its Grievance Procedure to each WIOA Title I participant upon enrollment. The procedure is posted on the CSET website at http://webcms.pima.gov/government/community_services_employment_and_training/. Select the "Resource" tab to view the Grievance Procedure and additional guidelines and procedures.

Pima Community College Title II has an Office of Dispute Resolution where students and staff may file a complaint or grievance.


Title IV

  1. Anytime a decision which affects the provision of Vocational Rehabilitation Services Title IV that has been made by Arizona Rehabilitation Services Administration (AZRSA) staff, AZRSA staff will provide the following information to the client or their representative:
    1. Advise the client of their right to request a review of the determination;
    2. Provide a written notice of client rights and appeals option by utilizing the c. Request for Review of Determination form; and
    3. Advise the client of the availability and the right to utilize the Client Assistance Program.
  2. Notice of client rights and written notice of appeals will be provided in writing by utilizing the Request for Review of Determination form to the client, and their representative if appropriate, at the following times:
    1. When the client applies for services;
    2. When AZRSA staff makes an eligibility decision;
    3. When AZRSA staff determines placement into an Order of Selection category;
    4. When an Individualized Plan for Employment is developed;
    5. At any time that the AZRSA staff makes a decision or intends to to reduce, suspend, or terminate planned services and/or goods being provided;
    6. When AZRSA staff notifies the client of intent to close the case for any reason; and
    7. Upon denial of Post-Employment Services (PES).
  3. AZRSA staff will advise the client of the following appeals processes available to them.
    1. Informal Resolution;
    2. Administrative Review;
    3. Mediation; and/or
    4. Fair Hearing.
  4. If a decision is being disputed, AZRSA staff will ensure that the client, or their representative if appropriate, is aware that a formal request for review of a determination must be submitted within 15 calendar days of the date that the written decision letter was mailed.
  5. Formal written requests are acceptable in the following formats:
    1. Utilizing a Request for Review of Determination; or
    2. Any other written communication which will include:
      1. An explanation of the issue(s) under contention;
      2. Client, or their representative if appropriate, signature and date; and
      3. An indication whether the client is willing to resolve the issue(s) through an informal review, administrative review, mediation, or formal due process hearing.
  6. AZRSA staff will direct client who request assistance in completing a written appeal to the AZRSA Ombudsman or local CAP office.
  7. The AZRSA Ombudsman will schedule a Fair Hearing to occur within 60 days of submitting a Request for Review of Determination regardless of the resolution options chosen.
  8. AZRSA staff will work with the client and the AZRSA Ombudsman throughout the appeal process until a final resolution is provided.

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