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11. Plan Development

WIB The draft Pima County Workforce Development Plan has been prepared by the ARIZONA@WORK Pima County One-Stop Core Program Partners and other One-Stop Partners along with the local Workforce Development Board known as the Pima County Workforce Investment Board (WIB); WIB Planning Committee; and key stakeholders.

The Pima County Community Services, Employment and Training Department (CSET), the administrative entity and One-Stop Operator, created a web site for the Plan so that it may be reviewed in sections or as a single document. Public comments and requests for a hard copy may be submitted online with the comment form.

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Workforce Investment Board

a. Leadership

Describe the involvement of the Chief Local Elected official (CLEO), the Local Workforce Investment Board (LWIB) and the stakeholders in the development of the plan.

a. Describe the involvement of the Chief Elected official (CEO), the Local Workforce Development Board (LWDB) and the stakeholders in the development of the plan.

Several WIB Committees were involved in the development of the Plan including the ARIZONA@WORK Core Program Partners and Other Partners who provided input to the Plan in person or via email.

Representatives from the Arizona Department of Administration, Office of Employment and Population Statistics, presented valuable information to the WIB Planning Committee as early as April 2014.

The University of Arizona, Economic & Business Research Center, Eller College representatives presented their “Making Action Possible (MAP) for Southern Arizona” Dashboard Presentation to the WIB Planning Committee and the WIB to demonstrate the data and tools available to help development the Pima County Workforce Development Plan.

The Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) provided Pima County Labor Market Data that was presented by the ACA Manager of Workforce Programs. 
The Plan has been discussed and input has been provided during monthly meetings:

 Pima County WIB Executive Committee;
 Pima County WIB Planning Committee;
 Pima County WIB Board Development Committee;
 Pima County WIB Performance and Accountability Committee:
 Pima County One-Stop Core Program and Other Partners’ meetings; and
 Pima County WIB Youth Council meetings.

During the Plan development process, the Plan has been available to the WIB, stakeholders, Partners and the public at

The Public Comment period was from Friday, 10/14/16 to Saturday, 11/12/16 and the Public Notice was published in the 10/14/16 issue of the Daily Territorial and may be seen at

Pima County Courthouse

b. Public Comment

A description of the process used by the local board, consistent with subsection (d), to provide an opportunity for public comment, including comment by representatives of businesses and comment by representatives of labor organizations, and input into the development of the local plan, prior to submission of the plan.

The Pima County Plan is available to the public through electronic and other means, including a Public Comment period that was from 10/14/2016 to 11/12/2016.

The Public Comment period was advertised on this website and in the 10/14/16 issue of the Daily Territorial and will commence with opportunity for comment by representatives of the WIB, chief elected officials, businesses, institutions of higher education, labor organizations, key stakeholders, and the general public regarding the Pima County Workforce Development Plan for Program Years 2016 to 2020.

The Pima County CSET Department ran a Public Notice print ad in The Daily Territorial and posted a notification to the public and asked for public comments at

Youth Career Connect


- Provide a copy of the published notice (a screen print is acceptable for internet publication).

Public Notice Ad 10.14.16

Desert View HS machine shop


Provide a copy of the distribution list used for notification of key stakeholders.
For privacy reasons, the lists will not be posted. The distribution lists include the WIB members, WIB committee members, key stakeholders, community and labor organizations, community leaders, chief elected officials, employers, institutions of higher education, and the general public.
Filling Potholes


Provide a copy of all comments received as result of the public notice.

Plan Public Comments

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