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  • Pima County Parklands Foundation

    Organization Mission and Programs

    For more information, http://pimaparklands.org/Pima County, Arizona established its Parks and Recreation Department in 1947 to serve urban and rural residents and guests by providing leisure-time destinations and services. As the rapidly growing community has stretched public funds thinner and thinner, parks have often come last in line. 

    So, in 1987 a group of concerned volunteers founded the Pima County Parklands Foundation. Its mission is "to protect and enhance the parks of Pima County, Arizona: this includes funding park improvements, the acquisition of parklands, and the enhancement and enlargement of recreation programs."

    Operating Programs

    One of the Pima County Parklands Foundation's vital functions is accepting donations earmarked for a specific park or recreation program and routing them where the donors intend and augmenting donations when more funds are needed. These requests can be as diverse as installing benches in a park, constructing an enclosed run for dogs, or providing after-school snacks for underprivileged children at a local community center.

    Every summer the Foundation sponsors a free swim program, offering swims and lessons in County pools to thousands of children whose families can't afford to pay for them. And every February it sponsors an all-day outing to Old Tucson Studios-a local attraction as well as a County leased property-for over 4,000 Tucson schoolchildren.

    Additional Comments

    The Pima County Parklands Foundation is an all-volunteer organization, so donations are directed exactly as the donor wishes. Donors may earmark contributions for specific uses, such as improvements in neighborhood parks, enhancement of recreation programs, or acquisition of land for existing or new parks.

    In the case of a gift of land, the donor may make restrictions on how the land is to be used. Such requests will be scrupulously observed. The Foundation can also work with donors to establish lifetime living arrangements or conservation easements on land bequeathed for parkland.


    Donations are tax-deductible, within the limits of the law. For more information, call (520) 241-8885 or email mhellon@aol.com. To make a donation via PayPal go to http://pimaparklands.org/  

    Checks can be mailed to:
    Parklands Foundation
    3500 W. River Rd
    Tucson, AZ 85741
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    Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation

    3500 W. River Road
    Tucson, AZ 85741

    (520) 724-5000

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