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  • Modification of Setback Requirements & Lot Coverage


      A modification may be submitted for:

    • A reduction to the front yard setback when not reduced to less than 20 feet
    • A reduction to the side and rear yards
    • A reduction to the distances in between structures
    • An increased lot coverage for accessory structures


     What is required for submittal of a modification Request?

    • A completed MSR application
    • A site plan
    • A letter of authorization (if applicant is not the owner)
    • Signatures from adjacent property owners
    • Fee in accordance with item 52, Table 1 - Public Hearing, Review and Processing Fees


     What signatures do I obtain?

      All adjacent property owners and property owners within 100 feet of the property
      line but separated by a road or common area and property owners determined to be affected
      by the request. 


      What if I am unable to obtain some or all signatures?

      Notifications of your request will be sent to the property owners which signatures have not been
      obtained.  The noticed property owners have 15 days to file a written protest.  

    • If no written protest is received, the applicant is notified that the MSR has been approved
    • If a written protest is received, the MSR process is concluded and the applicant may submit a variance application with an additional fee in accordance with the advertised public hearing fee, item 1, Table 1- Public Hearing, Review and Processing Fees