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  • GIS Library Projection Parameters and Projecting Our Data

    These are the commonly used projections within our GIS system and their defining parameters as used by ArcInfo Workstation PROJECT subcommands with zones appropriate for Pima County. (The comments in parenthesis are not included.) All of the library vector layers are NAD83 HPGN. Imagery is generally not reprojected. For instance most statewide Arizona imagery is NAD83 UTM Arizona zone 12 North, Meters

    Also see About the GIS Library, especially Arizona Coordinate System, 1983.

    See Using ArcGIS ArcToolbox Project and Projection Parameters for help with .prj files and projecting our data.


    ArcInfo Workstation
    Projection parameters
    NAD83 HPGN NAD83-92 HARN (also known as HPGN)
    State Plane
    Arizona Central Zone (FIPS Zone 0202)
    International Feet
    projection stateplane
    units 3.280839895 (international feet)
    datum hpgn
    fipszone 0202 (AZ central)
    projection stateplane
    units feet (survey feet)
    datum nad27
    zone 3176 (AZ central)
    UTM NAD83 UTM Arizona zone 12 North, Meters projection utm
    units meters
    datum nad27 (or nad83)
    zone 12 (utm zone)
    projection geographic
    units dd (decimal degrees)
    datum none
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