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  • 1986 Bond Program

    By The Numbers:

    $21 million in voter-approved bonds

    5,000 acres acquired
    The Cienega Creek Natural Preserve was the most significant conservation area to be created with this funding source. Pima County’s Regional Flood Control District levies a separate tax that supplements bond funds for this program. The voter-ballot also included funding under a separate question for the acquisition of mountain park properties and other natural areas.


     Colossal Cave Mountain Park

     Colossal CaveAlthough public tours of Colossal Cave date back to 1913, the cave and much of its surroundings were State Trust land until 1992. The County leased 495-acres from the State from 1944 to 1992 for park purposes, following construction of a visitor center and cave trails by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The County then acquired the property, as well as an additional 720 acres of State Trust land. Three years prior, the Pima County Flood Control District acquired 470 acres of the adjacent Posta Quemada Ranch and 116 acres from the Green Fields School. Future bond elections further expanded the park.

     Cienega Creek Natural Preserve

     CienegaIn 1986, Pima County established the Cienega Creek Natural Preserve, which protects over 12 miles of the lower creek, including one of the few remaining perennial streams in the County. The County used 1986 bonds for floodprone land acquisition to fund the initial land acquisitions, and 2004 bonds and other sources funded the Preserve’s expansion to over 4,000 acres, which now connects to Colossal Cave Mountain Park and the County’s Bar V Ranch.

     Tortolita Mountain Park

     TortolitaThe County established this park along the Pinal/Pima county line in 1986 through an initial acquisition of 2,400 acres of private ranch property in the rugged backcountry of the mountains. The 1986 bonds also funded two subsequent acquisitions in 1988 and 1996 that added 740 acres to the park. Future bond elections and other funding sources expanded the park to over 5,700 acres, including State Trust land acquired at two auctions.

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