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  • Supervisors postpone Monsanto decision to review public concerns

    Nov 23, 2016 | Read More News
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    The Pima County Board of Supervisors unanimously decided to postpone a vote on a proposed federal Foreign Trade Zone expansion to include agricultural company Monsanto. 

    Monsanto greenhousePostponement of the vote was done to allow time for the County to convene the Pima County Agricultural Science Advisory Commission that will review four hours of public comments provided at the Nov. 22 meeting related to the Monsanto proposal. 

    Monsanto will also provide technical responses to public concerns raised at the meeting that will be reviewed by the Pima County Agricultural Science Advisory Commission.

    The Board also delayed the vote to provide an opportunity for the County to organize and schedule public hearings on the Monsanto proposal. Company representatives will be invited to attend those public hearings. 

    Monsanto recently purchased a 155-acre unused agricultural site near Twin Peaks and Sanders roads where it plans to invest nearly $100 million in a seven-acre greenhouse facility. The company plans to develop and grow corn seed at the facility.

    After hearing from numerous community members, the Board voted to postpone the item until February 21. 

    Included in the pair of agreements under consideration, the County would provide its support for Monsanto’s pursuit of inclusion in the regional federally-approved Foreign Trade Zone. Under state and federal laws, inclusion in the Foreign Trade Zone would provide Monsanto with a reduced property tax assessment ratio. 

    The agreements pending before the Board of Supervisors would enumerate County support for Monsanto’s inclusion in the Foreign Trade Zone but do not themselves grant the designation nor provide the company with any Pima County specific incentives or special property tax considerations, which are granted under state and federal laws. 

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