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  • Supervisors Disband Three Committees, Thank Citizens for Participating

    Nov 23, 2016 | Read More News
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    On November 22, the Pima County Board of Supervisors voted to disband three public committees- the Davis-Monthan Open Space Advisory Committee, the Wireless Integrated Network Committee, and the Sports and Tourism Authority after determining they had completed their respective missions.

    Citizen participation is an important and integral part of our community and Pima County would not function well without it. We would like to thank each and every person involved with fulfilling the missions of these three groups for their hard work and commitment to making Pima County a better place to live.

    File: Davis-Monthan A.F.B. A-10 FighterThe Board of Supervisors created the Davis-Monthan Open Space Advisory Committee in March 2005 to “develop a detailed plan for analyzing and prioritizing all eligible properties and a schedule for implementing the Davis-Monthan Open Space Program; provide advice and consent on the selection of all properties for acquisition and make recommendations on acquisitions to the Board.”

    The seven-member panel consisted of a representative of the DM-50 - the non-profit, volunteer organization that seeks to advocate for Davis-Monthan with the government at the local, state and federal level and to strengthen the relationship between the Base at the community at large- plus the County Administrator and Base Commander or their designees as well as representatives of the City of Tucson, Arizona Department of Commerce, Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and the Davis-Monthan community as a whole.

    “The whole committee was extremely useful in creating the concept and getting the information out there and helping to successfully driving the bond issue for us to buy $10 million worth of property,” said Economic Development Director John Moffatt. ”That effort was so successful it has prompted the Pentagon to launch an ongoing effort to look for similar opportunities elsewhere.” 

    When the Board last met, William Carrell held the gavel as Chair with Hank Atha sitting as Vice-Chair and Albert Elias, Rob Morton, Michael R. Toriello, James Barker and Michael V. Varney rounding out the group.

    File: PCWIN Communications CenterThe Wireless Integrated Network Executive Management Committee was empaneled in July 2004 to “manage all decisions related to implementation of a Regional Public Safety Communications Network; and make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors for bond fund expenditures associated with this program.” 

    The Executive Management Committee  consisted of nine members including the Pima County Sheriff and one representative from each of four other participating law enforcement agencies- the Tucson Police Department, Oro Valley Police Department, Tohono O’Odham Police Department and the University of Arizona Police Department - three fire departments, Tucson, Northwest and Drexel Heights as well as one representative each from the Pima County Department of Emergency Management and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Each seat on the Board had two alternate members.

    The Executive Management Committee last met in November 2014 and since then, operations and maintenance of the regional wireless integrated network has been carried out under the auspices of the Wireless Integrated Network Cooperative, made up of emergency management agencies from all levels of government operating in Pima County.

    “The success of the Executive Management Committee could not be overstated,” said PCWIN Executive Director John Voorhees. “The committee managed the implementation of one of the nation’s premier communications network in a way that made excellent use of bond funds. The system works great and interoperable communications have been enhanced dramatically. The Pima County public safety community has benefited greatly through their efforts.”

    At its final meeting the Executive Management Committee was chaired by former Pima County Sheriff Clarence W. Dupnik and its members included, Mike Hein from the Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, former Tucson Police Chief Roberto Villaseñor, Tucson Fire Chief Jim Critchley, Douglas E. Chappell of Drexel Heights Fire District, Mike Brandt of Northwest Fire District, Oro Valley Police Daniel Sharp, Tohono O'Odham Police Joseph Delgado and former University of Arizona Police Chief Anthony Daykin.

    File: North Stadium at Kino Sports ComplexThe Board of Supervisors created the Pima County Sports and Tourism Authority in 2008 “in order to retain Major League Baseball Spring Training in Pima County and to enhance amateur youth sports in Pima County.”

    The Authority consisted of 15 members who represented many facets and sectors of the local sports and tourism industry, including resort and hotels, restaurant industry and youth and college sports as well as Major League Baseball, the broader business community and the local media.

    At the Authority’s final meeting in January 2014, Tucson attorney Linda McNulty was chair with CPA David J. Cohen serving as both Vice-Chair and Treasurer. Other members were Youth and Amateur Sports representative Justin Lanne, Edgar Soto and Lynn Zwaagstra from Pima Community College and the University of Arizona respectively, the rental car industry’s Keith Alexander, Regan Jasper of the restaurant industry, small businessman, Seton Claggett, Angel Natal representing tourism-oriented firms, Chamber of Commerce President Michael Varney and former KOLD General Manager Jim Arnold.  The regional economic development, professional baseball, lodging industry seats were vacant, as was a second spot earmarked for youth sports- left empty by the August 2013 death of University of Arizona rugby coach and broadcaster David Sitton.

    The Authority was intended as an interim activity that would disband once the Arizona Legislature acted to create an authority similar to Maricopa County’s Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority.

    “The members of the Sports and Tourism Authority provided invaluable leadership in setting new priorities and a new vision of the Kino Sports Complex after the departure of Major League Baseball and the development of other facilities around the County,” said Deputy County Administrator Jan Lesher. “Their ‘can do’ attitude shows that creativity, flexibility and self-reliance are more important than deep pockets to the progress and quality-of-life of a community.”

    Depending on circumstances the Sports and Tourism Authority may be reconstituted in the future.

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