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  • Agricultural Science Advisory Commission

    Notices, Agendas and other information

      To provide a community forum for the discussion of issues critical to the agriculture industry in Pima County and to advise the Pima County Board of Supervisors on matters related to agriculture, water, farming technology and environmental impacts. If a memorandum of understanding is later approved by the Pima County Board of Supervisors with Monsanto, the Commission will be charged with review and research related to the requirements of the memorandum of understanding and other matters related to Monsanto operations within Pima County.

    AUTHORIZATION: Board of Supervisors action on November 22, 2016.

    MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION: 7 members and 1 ex-officio member.

      Member Office Term Expiration
     Dr. Shane Burgess   No Term Expiration
    2  Dr. Joaquin Ruiz   No Term Expiration
    3  Dr. Gary Nabhan   No Term Expiration
    4  Dr. Douglas Taren   No Term Expiration
    5  Dr. Jeffrey Silvertooth   No Term Expiration
    6  Dr. Mazda Shirazi
     Arizona Poison Control Center
      No Term Expiration
    7  Dr. Mike Graham
     Monsanto Representative
      No Term Expiration
    8  Patrick Cavanaugh
    *Loyalty Oath Pending

    APPOINTMENT TERM: No term expiration.

    NUMBER OF MEETINGS PER YEAR: Quarterly or as-needed.

    STANDARD MEETING TIME/DAY: To be determined.

    February 2017
    Commission Coordinator

    Patrick Cavanaugh
    Economic Development Office
    (520) 724-3296

    Location of Meetings