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  • Using the FTP Server

    FTP Software

    Internet Explorer is not recommended and may not work.

    This page provides key information on using our FTP server. Unlike most common FTP servers, our FTP server requires a secure connection. It's likely that you will have to use a method that's new to you to access our secure FTP server. There are several software options to choose from depending on your needs. See FTP Software to get started using our secure FTP server.

    Server Name is the name of our FTP server. Note that "ftpgis" is one word. There are no spaces in the name. This name is what you enter into a host name or address field of a web browser or FTP program.

    In most cases the server name must be prefixed with the appropriate secure protocol, as in either or ftps:// In these cases the first "https://" or "ftps://" is the protocol (instead of the typical web page "http://"). Note the required "s" in the protocol. The protocol and name is used with the software options we provide, while ftps:// is usually used with software you may choose to use. The secure protocol connection is required for both anonymous download access to our /pub directory and the password protected /projects and /gislib directories as explained below.

    Areas of the FTP server

    Our FTP server has several predefined subdirectories at the highest level with different access controls and username/password requirements. If you have a username and password, it will only let you see and access the areas it was intended for. Generally, you will only see a few of the areas below. Some users may have to use more than one username and password, depending on the areas they want to access.

    • /pub - Anonymous Public Data Download

      The /pub area is intended for public use and is accessible by anyone for download only using "anonymous FTP". Most users of the FTP site including the general public, can read but not write to the /pub area. Anonymous FTP requires a user name of "anonymous" and your complete e-mail address for the password. You can also access the /pub area if you have another assigned username and password.

    • /projects - Project Data Transfer

      The /projects area is for use with specific departmental projects where a member of our staff is typically working on a project with someone outside of our department or outside of county government. It is the area where transfers to or from our clients and project collaborators takes place.

      The /projects area requires special usernames and passwords for all project data transfers - whether you are reading (downloading from the FTP server ) or writing (uploading to the FTP server). To use the /projects area use the userid and password given to you by a member of our staff when you connect with FTP. Your username and password for the /gislib area above cannot be used to access this /projects area.

      Things to remember about the /projects area:

      • The /projects area is not accessible by anonymous FTP.
      • All files in the /projects area are automatically deleted after seven calendar days.
      • Do not use the /projects area for confidential data as it can be seen by all /projects area users.
      • Please create a subdirectory for your data, even if only one file. Typically directories are named with the sender's name, recipient's name, or the project name.

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