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  • Developing Search Criteria for Addresses and other Map Features in MapGuide

    Developing Search Criteria

    Before utilizing search tools available in MapGuide, such as the Zoom Goto Tool, it is beneficial to understand methods for developing search criteria that will improve your desired result success rate. The following recommendations provide insight into available methods.

    If you are unsure of spelling or the exact designation of information in our database you can usually achieve better search results by including only part of a data string in your search. Truncating your input at the right point will typically yield a pop-up window that lists all options fitting the submitted criteria, allowing you to select the correct choice. If you choose to include the entire data string and have data that does not exactly match database entries you may receive deceptively empty search responses. The guidelines for how to truncate data strings varies for different searches. Some require the beginning portion of a string be included while others provide valid results when using only a portion from the middle of a string. The Zoom Goto Tips document gives specific direction for the Zoom Goto tool's frequently used categories. It is not necessary to use wild card characters when truncating data strings, however certain Zoom Goto categories do provide the ability to generate a full list of options when an solitary asterisk (*) is provided as search criteria. Those that allow this specify so in the Zoom Goto tool category description pulldown.

    When referencing streets, we recommend that you not include trailing street types such as Avenue, Place, Way, Court, etc. because matching the abbreviations for these is often a point of failure in address searches and, when excluded, the resulting output lists which may include multiple street types are typically small, allowing you to easily find and select the correct street.

    One item to keep in mind if your search becomes extremely inclusive, such as only limiting your search to all addresses on Speedway (Boulevard), is that output for some searches in MapGuide are limited to one thousand lines. In the Speedway example, because there are well over one thousand addresses, many East Speedway addresses are not provided as options in the selection list. Also, even if an option list only includes hundreds of entries, it may cumbersome to search through that lengthy of a list and you may wish to use a more specific search criteria.

    Please be aware that zooming to a map feature through a search does not necessarily activate data layers associated with the chosen map feature. Because, in many of our MapGuide maps, the parcel and street layers are automatically activated at certain scales it may appear they were turned on because of the search criteria when that is not the case. This may cause confusion when searches for parks, libraries, or golf courses for example, do not automatically activate data layers to highlight or label the map feature locations. Desired data layers can be manually activated by placing a check next to the correct data layer in the left legend window.

    You can apply the previous search criteria recommendations when using the Zoom Goto tool within MapGuide. The following tip topics provide information to help you effectively use the Zoom Goto tool.

    Both topics, as well as many others, are found in our MapGuide Tips and Help document

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