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  • Save #8: Meet Kimber and Rossi, who beat parvo and found the perfect family

    Dec 24, 2016 | Read More News
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    top 10Parvo can be a real heartbreaker for open-door shelters like Pima Animal Care Center. Even though this deadly virus is preventable with a relatively inexpensive vaccine, hundreds of very sick puppies like Kimber, Rossi, and their five Lab siblings still pour through PACC's doors each summer. But for the first time in 2016, we had the upper hand on parvo -- and it's all thanks to friends like you!

    When a breeder brought the seven Labs to PACC in June, they were already sick. In past years, PACC's rescue partners would have scrambled to get them out of the shelter before the virus spread to healthy pets. However, because of community support, PACC had the supplies it needed to do something different: It sent them home with Nicole Linneen, a PACC foster parent. Equipped with fluids, medications, and the around-the-clock dedication needed to save these puppies, Nicole and PACC's medical team worked together to save all seven!

    kimber rossiThis past summer, more than 100 puppies like Kimber and Rossi got second chances through this program. When Kimber and Rossi's litter was healthy enough to come back for their spay and neuter surgeries and adoption, they did not last long. The program's first graduates not only survived, they thrived and went on to become big, playful and at-times naughty additions to their new families.

    Kimber and Rossi went on to live on a farm with PACC licensing supervisor Jennifer Neustadter. They romp around, snuggle with three young boys, and engage in general mischief. 

    "They steal my underwear, take them outside, and play tug of war with them," Neustadter said. "But they still have brought great joy to our family."

    Pima Animal Care Center’s annual Top 10 Saves series highlights ten remarkable pets who were saved at Pima County's shelter because of the community’s support. To help continue this progress, donations to PACC’s nonprofit partner, the Friends of Pima Animal Care Center, are being doubled, up to $20,000 through Dec. 31. Donations can be made here online, or by sending a check to "Friends of Pima Animal Care Center," P.O. Box 85370, Tucson, AZ 85745. If you have questions, call (520) 288-1151 or write karen@friendsofpacc.org.