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Save #4: Francesca, who inspires us to forgive

Dec 27, 2016 | Read More News
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frankieIf you have a New Year’s resolution to practice forgiveness, look no further than Francesca for your inspiration.

This young Terrier mix had been shot with a BB gun 38 times, at very close range, when she was brought to a local emergency clinic in August. The staff there sprang into action to stabilize her, treat her pain, and remove as many of the BBs as they possibly could.

The next day, Francesca was transferred to Pima Animal Care Center, and because of the support given to our county shelter, PACC continued helping her heal. PACC's doctors treated her wounds, alleviated her pain, and removed a very painful eye that had had been irreparably damaged in the cruel attack.

After spending several nights with a PACC staff member, Francesca went into long-term foster care with Ettie Ryan, one of the veterinary technicians who had helped save her life that first night. With help from PACC's medical team, Francesca finished healing.

Now known as “Frankie,” Francesca never left Ettie’s heart or home. Ettie finally adopted Frankie, who lives with two Chihuahuas, a young child, and two humans whom she constantly inspires with her resilience, grace and forgiveness.

“She never held a grudge,” Ryan said. “She is like: ‘What happened to me doesn't matter, as long as somebody loves me now.’"

Pima Animal Care Center’s annual Top 10 Saves series highlights ten remarkable pets who were saved at Pima County's shelter because of the community’s support. To help continue this progress, donations to PACC’s nonprofit partner, the Friends of Pima Animal Care Center, are being doubled, up to $20,000 through Dec. 31. Donations can be made here online, or by sending a check to "Friends of Pima Animal Care Center," P.O. Box 85370, Tucson, AZ 85745. If you have questions, call (520) 288-1151 or write karen@friendsofpacc.org.