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  • Save #4: Mr. Bun Bun's not perfect, but he is perfect for them

    Dec 29, 2016 | Read More News
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    bunMost of the pets Pima Animal Care Center serves are dogs and cats, but the occasional pocket pet, turtle or bunny also steals the staff and volunteer's hearts. Such was the case with Mr. Bun Bun, a 10-year-old rabbit. He had several very serious ear problems, and his first family asked PACC to put him to sleep.

    Because of the support PACC receives from the community, the medical team was able to give Mr. Bun Bun a second chance. Dr. Sarah Rios and her staff performed surgery on his painful ear that same day. They also gave him the antibiotics he needed to heal, pain medications to feel comfortable, and fresh kale and special pellets so his nutritional needs were met. (They neutered him, too, so there would be no more unwanted baby bun buns.)

    Already this year, PACC has taken in nearly 40 birds, 13 ferrets, more than 100 tiny turtles, and five rabbits like Mr. Bun Bun, who recovered with volunteer foster parent Debra Darby. Her daughter had been helping Dr. Rios through the JTED program, and, with her mom’s permission, she brought Mr. Bun Bun home after his surgery.

    As could perhaps be predicted with a bunny as soft and sweet as Mr. Bun Bun, his foster family decided he could stay for life.

    bunToday he has a large enclosure, cat and puppy friends, and a family who gives him the gentle weekly ear cleanings he needs to stay healthy. Debra says she likes knowing they have helped a special-needs pets.

    “Everybody can get the perfect purebred. I like knowing I saved something,” she said. "Yeah, he's older, and yeah, he doesn’t look perfect ... but he’s perfect for us.”

    Pima Animal Care Center’s annual Top 10 Saves series highlights ten remarkable pets who were saved at Pima County's shelter because of the community’s support. To help continue this progress, donations to PACC’s nonprofit partner, the Friends of Pima Animal Care Center, are being doubled, up to $20,000 through Dec. 31. Donations can be made here online, or by sending a check to "Friends of Pima Animal Care Center," P.O. Box 85370, Tucson, AZ 85745. If you have questions, call (520) 288-1151 or write karen@friendsofpacc.org.