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  • Save #2: Turtle and Peaches, two kittens who took the world by storm

    Dec 30, 2016 | Read More News
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    cute"We had 19 cats," 97-year-old Thelma Bradfield, who deals with memory issues, recalled as she bottle-fed Peaches, a tiny buff kitten. "We fed them in the barn. This one's a little baby and needs a bottle!"

    The save of Turtle and Peaches, two bottle-baby kittens whose lives were saved by Catalina Springs Memory Care residents and staff, is as much about the people involved, like Thelma, as the two kittens they saved who are thriving today.

    It was October when the Oro Valley center took in its first pair of foster kittens, who had arrived to Pima Animal Care Center as underage strays. Aimed at helping PACC save more of the more than 2,100 kittens it takes in each year, the partnership became an instant hit with the center's staff and residents, who banded together to socialize, feed and love the tiny additions. Despite the residents' memory care issues, when they were holding the kittens, their care-giving instincts were awakened, as were their childhood memories of pets.

    The partnership also became a sensation with animal lovers as far away as London, Japan and Brazil, where local news outlets told the story of this Pima County pilot project.

    It also represents what PACC's staff and volunteers hope for its future: Lifesaving programs that not only help pets like Peaches and Turtle, who both went on to find amazing families, but that enrich the lives of our community members, too.

    Pima Animal Care Center’s annual Top 10 Saves series highlights ten remarkable pets who were saved at Pima County's shelter because of the community’s support. To help continue this progress, donations to PACC’s nonprofit partner, the Friends of Pima Animal Care Center, are being doubled, up to $20,000 through Dec. 31. Donations can be made here online, or by sending a check to "Friends of Pima Animal Care Center," P.O. Box 85370, Tucson, AZ 85745. If you have questions, call (520) 288-1151 or write karen@friendsofpacc.org.