Commuter Contests & Rewards

REAP the rewards with Reduced Emissions & Air Pollution!Lynn Orchard

You might already use alternate modes regularly, motivated by your own conviction. On the other hand, you might have never used alternate modes before in your life! Either way, and anywhere in between, we'd like to have some fun and show appreciation for your alternate mode efforts. Please join us as we celebrate alternate modes and offer rewards and recognition for those employees who use them.

Bike BINGO Winners!Ty and Dusty

In April 2019, fourteen Pima County employees participated in Bike BINGO. Riders checked off boxes on the sheet if they noticed things as they rode their bikes, such as shade trees, the sound of birds chirping, public art, a driver taking care around a cyclist and 20 other items.

There was also an opportunity to bring a buddy on a ride for an increased chance to win. As a result, more County employees participated which helped to improve their health and the air. Two sets of participants engaged in this special challenge, and one set shared a photo and stories.

Thanks to donations from the Pima County Employee Wellness Program and Pima Association of Governments Sun Rideshare Program, all participants received a prize:

• Three $25 gift cards to Oro Valley Bikes
• One $25 gift card to Walgreens
• Ten insulated stainless steel beverage bottles; and
• Fourteen LED front and rear bike light sets

Riding bikes is awesome on a multitude of personal levels: physical fitness, mental clarity, and fun to name a few. When bikes are used for transportation instead of driving cars, the healthier air benefits reach well beyond the individual.

Healthy Air Is In Our Hands Drive Less Pledge

Quarterly prize drawing of $100 Visa gift card of those who pledge to drive less. Open to all Pima County residents. Take the Drive Less Pledge

Healthy Air Is In Our Hands: Drive Less Pledge 2018-2019

Healthy Air Take the pledge this quarter and you could win $100 from PDEQ's Clean Air Program. Pledge to use alternate modes (transit, carpool, vanpool, bike or walk) or skip trips in your motor vehicle (combining errands). Those who pledge will have a chance at a$100 Visa gift card each quarter throughout the 2018-2019 Fiscal Year.

In recent years, Pima Association of Governments' Sun Rideshare Rewards Programgave away prizes for those who entered their alternate mode trips in their Sun Rideshare database. Pima County employees have been winning big the last several years. From 2012-2017, we won about 1/3 of PAG's prizes, pocketing about $10,370 in cash and prizes. What's even better... 2014-2017 data indicates that we reduced air pollution and greenhouse gases by 1,375,544 pounds!

2017 By the Numbers

Every year we employees are asked to take a short travel reduction survey from the Pima Association of Governments. Results of the survey are used by area planners to evaluate transit routes, road projects and plan for future infrastructure needs. We also use the data to measure alternative mode usage across the region and calculate emissions savings that are reported to the State of Arizona. THANK YOU to those who took the survey (38.2% of employees). We hope everyone will take the survey next October!

What we found out about Pima County employee work commute trips in 2017:

• 79.4% drive alone (down from 80% last year)
• 8.1% bus and streetcar (up from 7.6% last year)
• 7.0% carpool/vanpool (down from 7.5% last year)
• 3.0% bike (up from 2.4% last year)
• 0.9% walk (same as last year)

Who won prizes?

Employees had the option to list their name for a chance at prizes. Surveys remained anonymous.

• The Loop jaguar jersey: Paula B., Juvenile Probation
• The Loop jaguar jersey: Marisa R., Flood Control
• The Loop jaguar jersey: Meridith L., Finance
• The Loop jaguar jersey: Kendra D., Library
• Desert Dwellers Know fine print poster: Devin H., Sheriff
• Desert Dwellers Know fine print poster: Carter Volle, Facilities Management
• Desert Dwellers Know fine print poster: Rachel V., Library
• Sun Rideshare insulated lunch bag: Karen S., Development Services

Regardless of whether you use an alternate mode of transportation or not, completing this two-minute annual survey helps planners improve future commute options.

Winners from PAG's Sun Rideshare Rewards Program in 2017: $1,370 awarded to Pima County employees for entering their alternate mode trips and qualifying for the prize drawings.

April 2016: Bike Challenge

74 entries, 5 winners of $50 and $25 gift cards, 7 additional recipients of smaller supplemental prizes, courtesy of Pima County Employee Wellness.

2016 By the Numbers

Pima County employees who entered their trips in the PAG Sun Rideshare database took 23,900 transit trips; 8,856 trips by bicycle; 7,838 carpool trips; 447 trips by vanpool; and 4,753 trips on foot. We reduced drive-alone miles by 412,518 miles; saved 16,501 gallons of fuel; saved $231,010 in vehicle expenses, and reduced air pollution and greenhouse gases by 329,051 pounds! 
Twenty-eight Pima County employees also won $1,400 in 2016 from PAG’s Sun Rideshare Rewards Program.

2015 By the Numbers

Collectively, we Pima County employees avoided hundreds of thousands of vehicle miles, kept tons of air pollution from the air we breathe, AND saved thousands of dollars by biking, walking, carpooling, vanpooling, and taking transit instead of driving alone. We also helped reduce traffic congestion and kept the air healthier to breathe!

Check out these numbers for specific accomplishments:

  • 4,743 Bus passes purchased by employees. (Passes work on Sun Tran buses, Sun Link Streetcar, and Sun Shuttle and it’s not limited to commute trips!)
  • 50 Percentage of the 30-day transit passes that are subsidized by Pima County for its employees. (Passes are also pre-tax and automatic payroll deducted.)
  • 10 Monthly dollar discount for carpool parking (plus you get more savings by splitting the remainder between you and your carpool buddies, reduced gas usage and less wear-and-tear maintenance.)
  • 29 Number of loaner bikes provided by PCDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian program available for employee use. Thousands of trips were made with these bikes for errands, meetings, commutes and exercise in 2015.

For those participating in the Pima Association of Governments Sun Rideshare Rewards Program, this is what we Pima County employees collectively accomplished:

  • 442,017 Driving miles reduced
  • 352,580 Pounds of air pollution and greenhouse gases reduced
  • 27,492 Bus trips recorded
  • 10,792 Carpool trips recorded
  • 10,178 Bicycle trips recorded
  • 4,873 Walking trips recorded
  • 2,125 Dollars won by County employees in rewards program
  • 454 Streetcar trips recorded
  • 451 Vanpool trips recorded
  • 35 County employee winners of monthly contests