FREE Emergency Ride Home

Guaranteed Ride Home for Pima County Employees

DREAP Rewardsue to budget cuts, the Pima Association of Governments terminated their Guaranteed Ride Home Program in July 2018. Pima County Department of Environmental Quality is stepping up and will provide up to four free emergency rides every 12 months to Pima County employees who use alternate modes of transportation at least two days per week for their work commutes.

Participants must register beforehand, and if an emergency should occur, may secure a ride from a professional transportation services company of their choice, pay for the ride up-front, and then be reimbursed the cost. Participants must submit a GRH Trip Form and trip receipt to PDEQ for cash reimbursement.

Emergency situations include the following:
  • Employee or family member accident, illness or personal emergency/crisis;
  • Carpool/vanpool driver unavailable; or
  • Unscheduled overtime.

1. Register First

To be eligible for emergency rides, Pima County employees must first submit a completed GRH Registration Form. Participants will have up to four emergency rides per 12 months from the date of registration.

GRH Registration Form


2. Complete and Submit Trip Form with Trip Receipt for Reimbursement

In order to qualify for reimbursement, you must first be registered, and then:

  1. Complete a GRH Trip Form and obtain your supervisor's signature (to verify emergency need). If your supervisor is not available, obtain a signature from any supervisor, deputy director, or director from your office.
  2. Secure a ride from a professional transportation service company of your choice.
  3. Pay for the ride (including a tip of up to 15%) and obtain a receipt from your driver or email.
  4. Once back to the office, submit your GRH Trip Form and copy of your receipt to or DT-BAB7-415, PDEQ TRP, 33 N. Stone Ave, 7th Floor.

Once approved, you will need to visit a PDEQ office for cash reimbursement. Pick the location most convenient for you:

  • PDEQ Main Office: 33 N. Stone Avenue, 7th Floor
  • Ina Road Landfill: 5301 W. Ina Road

GRH Registration Form
GRH Trip Form

Choose Your Provider

You may use a professional transportation company of your choice. Some options with contact information are listed below for your convenience.

  • Lyft: (app download necessary)
  • Uber: (app download necessary)
  • Yellow Cab: (520) 300-0000
  • VIP Taxi: (520) 300-3000
  • Orange Cab: (520) 884-7900
  • Discount Cab: (520) 388-9004

Share Your Story

If you needed to use the Guaranteed Ride Home Program, let us know how it went. Submit your brief description to for posting on this webpage.

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