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  • Tips from Pima DEQ for a greener holiday

    Dec 20, 2016 | Read More News
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    Every little bit helps when it comes to reducing waste and conserving the planet’s limited resources. Below are some suggestions from the Pima County Department of starEnvironmental Quality to have a very merry “resource-lite” holiday and maybe even begin some new traditions among your family and friends.

    Shopping: Don’t unless you have to!
    • Give the gift of your time in the form of pet-sitting, baby-sitting, cooking, errand-running, car waxing, tutoring, etc. instead of buying a gift at a store.
    • See if adults in your family are willing to draw one name rather than buying gifts for everyone.
    • If you must make a purchase:
      • Travel there by sharing a ride with a friend or family member to reduce congestion and air pollution;
      • Bring along your own reusable bags (they are not just for the grocery store!);
      • Buy at a locally-owned store to support economic development in your community. Check out this graphic on the impact of shopping local;
      • Consider shopping at antique or “vintage” thrift stores for unique items;
      • Buy quality gifts that can be kept long term and even be handed down to others.
    • Reuse boxes, tissue, ribbon, gift bags and wrap gifts with colorful newspaper comic or magazine pages.
    Around the home:
    • Take some time to inventory old books, clothing, toys, household items to give to charity so others can receive gifts this holiday season.
    • Switch to LED holiday lights to save money on electricity and reduce air pollution since they use 90 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs.
    • Eat locally-produced food.
    • Package baked treats and leftovers in reusable containers.
    • Going out for dinner instead? Choose a locally-owned restaurant so more profits stay in town.
    New holiday traditions can save money, reduce stress and be good for the planet. Find other actions to improve the environment at www.pima.gov/deq.

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