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    If you are considering a shelter pet, read on to see some of our
    happily-ever-after stories.

    Rita, Rex and Sam

    Rex and Rita adopted 16-month-old Sam, a Rottweiler/Lab/Chow mix, from sickbay at Pima Animal Care Center in January 2011. Rex After bringing their two dogs to the shelter to meet Sam, they took him home – a decision they have never regretted.

    “He’s just such a good guy, such a part of the family. From Day One, he’s gotten along with everybody - even the cat!" A graduate of advanced obedience, Sam has recently completed training to become a therapy dog.

    At their favorite pet store, Rex and Rita are known as “Sam’s parents,” and the employees jokingly refuse to let them in if they show up without him.

    But as much as they have taught Sam, he has returned the favor many times. In fact, he seems to have an endless skill set; Rita, who is training to become a yoga instructor, counts Sam as one of her teachers. “He does an absolutely perfect Downward Dog,” she quipped.

    “Even people who already own a dog should consider adopting another,” said Rita. “With each new dog you learn more and become a better dog parent.”

    Ted, Whitney and Henry

    In 2011, first-time adopters Ted and Whitney brought home 12-month-old Poodle mix Henry Einstein after searching many shelters in the Tucson area. “We had a wonderful experience at Pima Animal Care Center," Ted recalled, "and when we left, we felt like they had found the perfect dog for us.” Ted

    Henry has changed their lives in ways they never expected. The couple spend more time together, exercise more, and have made friends with the whole neighborhood. “Having a dog really creates a sense of community," Ted said. "He’s very social, very well-adjusted, and has always been really loving toward all people and dogs.”

    In addition to being a natural at making friends, Henry helps out with the chores by bringing in the newspaper every day. Though he can’t sweep or vacuum, he brightens up the house with his loving presence. “Having him to come home to every day means a lot to both of us,” said Ted.

    Henry’s impact on Ted and Whitney’s lives has made them enthusiastic supporters of  pet adoption. “We owe it to them to take them in - and it turns out that they end up offering more love than you could ever expect.”

    Dave, Dru and Bud

    After our cat Guido passed away, shortly after moving into our new home in October 2012, we thought it would be years before we could allow another cat to capture our hearts, but we decided in early December that there was no harm in going to the shelter "just to look."  Bud

     There was one cat in particular, a gray tabby named Bubbles, that seemed to crave attention more than the others. We were touched by his affectionate manner and unique personality, but we worried that a mature cat five years old might not live very long.

    We tried to walk away. Bubbles put his paw through the bars as though begging us for a good home. We forced ourselves out the door to look at the puppies. Then we tried looking at other cats and kittens. In the end, we simply couldn't forget him or abandon him.

    That decision last December was one of the best we ever made. Bubbles, now named Bud because he has become our best friend, doesn't do somersaults. But he greets us at the door, talks to us using his extensive vocabulary, and nuzzles up so close that there's no space left for doubt that we made the right decision.

    Catherine, Scott and Ellie

    Catherine and Scott Dray came to Pima Animal Care Center in September 2012 to find a buddy for their basset hound, Moe, a “grumpy old man” who was lonely after losing his brother to a heart condition.Ellie

    A lab/beagle mix, Ellie (also known as Eleanor when she’s in trouble for chasing the cats) was just right for Moe – young enough to keep him active, but not such a puppy that she’d constantly annoy him. He’s still a grumpy old man. But the two of them play and occasionally curl up in bed together.

    Catherine appreciates Ellie’s playful spirit and her protective nature. “She also nudges and licks my arm in the morning to see if I'm awake and when I finally get out of bed you'd swear it’s the most exciting thing that has ever happened to her,” Catherine jokes.

    Adopting a shelter dog just makes sense to Catherine. Ellie was already housebroken and since she wasn’t a puppy, they knew how big she’d be and what her personality was like. “And the major reason I'd recommend adopting a dog is because they just KNOW that you saved them and they are forever grateful. I grew up with dogs adopted from Pima Animal Care Center and everyone was as loyal as could be, and they never tried to run away or snap at us because regardless of how they got to PACC they knew our house was a much better place to be.”

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