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  • Skunk in Madera Canyon Tests Positive for Rabies

    Jan 13, 2017 | Read More News
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    The Pima County Health Department received confirmation today that a skunk found on Jan. 12 in the Proctor Parking Lot/Trail Head in Madera Canyon has tested positive for rabies. The skunk acted aggressively in an area where there were several visitors. Park officials are not sure how long the skunk was in the area.
    If you or your pets had contact with this skunk on Jan. 12, please call the Pima County Health Department immediately at (520) 724-7797.   
    “It’s important to stay away from wild animals that appear unafraid of people or are acting unusual,” says Francisco Garcia, Director of the Pima County Health Department. “This is especially important when folks are hiking or visiting one of our many local or state parks.”

     Skunks can carry rabies. Rabies is a disease caused by a virus. Humans and pets can contract rabies from direct physical contact such as a bite or scratch from an infected animal. It may take weeks to years for people to show symptoms after being infected. However, once someone starts developing symptoms, that person usually does not survive. All pets should be vaccinated for rabies, even those who stay inside the home.

    Please remember that if you see a skunk acting oddly (out in the daytime, walking unbalanced or acting aggressive) immediately notify the Pima Animal Care Center by calling (520) 724-5900.

    Protect your pets.  If your cat or dog is not current on their rabies vaccinations, be sure to vaccinate them as soon as possible.