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  • Autodesk MapGuide Tips and Help - Dual Monitors

    As dual monitors become more popular, a small number of dual monitor users have a problem where the layers and groups can't be clicked on or off in the MapGuide legend on one of the monitors. An easy solution is to simply use the other monitor for MapGuide. Or, pick to select the layer name text with the mouse and then use the spacebar to turn the layer on or off.

    Most users configure their systems with the "primary" monitor [1] and Windows taskbar on the left, extending the desktop to the "secondary" monitor [2] on the right. These typical users don't seem to have any problems.

    However, a minority of dual monitor users want their "primary" monitor [1] with the Windows taskbar on the right, extending the desktop to the the "secondary" monitor [2] on the left. It appears this "primary" on the right and "secondary" on the left situation is the only configuration that has the problem with being unable to click layers on and off on MapGuide maps on one of the monitors.

    The "easy solutions" of using the other monitor or picking the layer text and using the spacebar can get frustrating. We want MapGuide to work as it should on both monitors. While we don't fully understand exactly what settings are needed to make MapGuide layers selectable on either monitor, sometimes it's possible to adjust Windows Display Properties Settings to arrange things so MapGuide layer selection works on both monitors. We haven't documented or tested proven steps for adjusting the Windows monitor settings. In lieu of specific instructions, we've included screen shots below of settings that work in some cases.

    If you want your monitors "backwards" unlike most users, these settings may help you to get MapGuide to work for you on both of your monitors. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't... Be aware that even with this setup, when the map is on the right monitor, there is another bug where the yellow map tips appear along the right edge of the left monitor but this usually isn't too bothersome.

    If you get this figured out and can explain a more direct solution, let us know.

    These settings may allow clicking MapGuide layers on or off with either monitor.

    Settings for the secondary monitor [2] on the left
     Settings for the primary monitor [1] on the right
     Secondary  Primary
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