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  • Are Your Web Browser MapGuide Favorites or Bookmarks Up-to-date?

    We are getting in increasing number of support requests from users using old web browser favorites and bookmarks to start our MapGuide maps.

    The problem

    If you are using an old web browser "Favorite", "Bookmark" or shortcut to start MapGuide, you may need to update it to get all our map features and functions. Some old Favorites simply won't work.

    A web browser "Favorite" or "Bookmark" saves the web address (URL) of a web page. Or, in the case of MapGuide, it saves the address of a map, including parameters for starting the map. We don't change the map addresses (URLs) often, but they do change from time to time. If you have saved an old address in your "Favorite" or "Bookmark" list, then it could be out-of-date and you may be missing map features.

    How to tell if you are using a really old favorite or bookmark.

    Short of deleting your old favorite or bookmark and making a new one, there's no easy way to tell for sure if you're using the latest web address (URL). However, the tests below will tell you if it's really old.

    If you use Internet Explorer on Windows as your web browser, then

    • Look in the title frame at the top just above the MapGuide map tool buttons. The title frame is a thin white box with the name of the map and a few links.

      • If you don't see a drop-down list showing "Map Tools & Map Info." then you need to update your favorite or bookmark for sure as described below.
      • If you see the drop-down list showing "- Map Tools & Map Info. -" then your Favorite or Bookmark is newer, but could still need to be updated.

    If you are not using Internet Explorer on Windows, then

    • Right-click anywhere in the map and choose "Page setup..."

      • If the check boxes (Title, Legend, Scale bar, etc) are checked then you need to update your favorite or bookmark for sure as described below.
      • If the check boxes are not checked then your favorite or bookmark is newer, but could still need to be updated.

    Updating Your Favorite or Bookmark

    If you need to update your bookmark, the easiest way is to delete the old favorite or bookmark and then make a new one after selecting the desired map from our web site.

    To avoid problems with future changes to map addresses, it's best to bookmark the page that links to the map rather than the map itself. For instance, bookmark our MapGuide Maps page and not the actual map.

    Most users use a map from our MapGuide Maps page but there are many other maps.

    For help managing favorites and bookmarks, see your web browser's help or contact whoever provides technical assistance for your computer. If your support person has questions or problems, have them contact us using the feedback link.

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