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  • Burrowing Owls to be returned home

    Jan 27, 2017 | Read More News
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    A Burrowing Owl.The Flood Control District recently completed a project that required the removal of a population of Burrowing Owls in order to ensure their protection.  Prior to the start of construction multiple Burrowing Owls were identified on site and with the help of Wild at Heart, they were relocated to keep them safe during construction.  Now, in coordination with Wild at Heart, Tucson Electric Power and Tucson Audubon Society, the District is happy to announce that 16 new burrows will be created for the owls so they can be released back onsite.

    Preparing for the arrival of the Burrowing Owls will occur in two steps.  The first step is to construct the artificial burrows for the owls to live in.  The second step is to set up a release tent over the main burrow site.  The purpose of the release tent is to enclose the owls and acclimate them to the new burrows.  The owls will be kept in the release tent for a month, during which they will be fed by volunteers.  After that, the owls should be established in their new home or if there was any in fighting among the owls to resolve establish, some can move to the adjacent clusters of burrows that were installed.