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  • Using a Report for a Layer with Overlapping Data

    Finding Reports for Layers with Overlapping Data

    For a layer with overlaps, reports are in the maptools drop-down list in the title frame at the top of the map rather than the MapGuide View Reports tool or the right-click menu.

    overlap report

    About the Reports

    For a layer with overlaps, the report of selected map features lists information about all the selected map features on that layer. Information and links on the report vary for different map layers. You may be quite surprised to see how many items there are on the report as a result of reporting all overlapped map features in your selected area.

    Correlating Report Lines with Features on the Map

    You will soon wonder how to tell which map feature goes with each line of the report in order to locate the items spatially.

    1. Adjust the report window and map window locations and sizes so you can see the report and the map at the same time, generally side-by-side. (Dual monitors makes this much easier.)
    2. After sizing and placing the report window alongside the map, use cursor up/down keys or roll the mouse over the report lines. This selects the corresponding map feature on the MapGuide map while highlighting the current line in the report -- the red line in the above sample.

    This technique allows you to see the boundaries of each and every overlapping map feature, even for map features that are not on top. All layers that have overlaps are displayed using some degree of transparency so you can see map feature boundaries that aren't on top.

      The map feature selected from the report is at the top edge of this sample map.

      report select

    What If You Can't See a Report Line's Feature on the Map?

    If you cursor up/down or roll the mouse over a report line and can't see the corresponding area that is being selected in the map, it may be that the selected area on the map is very small.

    Most reports for overlapping map features have a "Zoom Map" button on the report that zooms to the extents of the map feature for that report line item. After zooming, the map feature extends to fill the entire map window. This makes it easy to see and find what you were looking for, but you may want to zoom out a bit to see it in a larger context.

    Closing the Report

    When you are done with the report, close the report window using the "X" in the upper right of the window. You may get errors opening a new report when an old report is still on the screen.

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